Instant choices

Good morning on a sunny Friday dear all!
Today I'm suggesting to you some of the things that I'd gladly choose to wear, bring home to, or use for my gift wrapping & crafting projects.

All the items chosen below are parts of Etsy treasuries put together by fellow Etsy sellers, who also chose items from my shop to feature.

So, this is put together as a gesture to thank them by mentioning their shops here.
So thank you dear Hila and dear Sabahnur :)
You' ve put wonderful treasuries together!

Hila's shop runs under the name "hperl jewelry" . I love her "open your heart charms" to name but a few of her artful jewerly creations!
 Today she curated a beautiful wedding collection named "First comes love"

Sabanour runs"Petit and cute design" and crochets really cute animals....
 Like this jelly fish - when did a jelly fish ever look so harmless and friendly?!...and this classic brown teddy bear or this elephant in an ever favorite shade of blue!
She advises us to "Keep calm and go on Septembering" in the wonderful treasury she put together today...will gladly do so...September signifies the return indoors, and what is lovelier than relaxing and finding calmness at home?

 I've fallen in love with so many of the items featured, that I wished to keep track of them by posting them here in my - almost - daily journal. 
I'd also love for you to find inspiration by discovering and supporting some of the lovely handmade shops these items are linked to. Oh well, passing by my door would also be nice ;-)

Here is a collage of what I'd chose from the items featured in the two treasuries mentioned above, together with my shop's prints featured.

I love combining things and finding relations! They do look lovely together, don't they?

So today, I'd gladly use this wonderful tea cozy made from one of most favorite ever Ikea fabrics

I'd put this wonderful wire creation on my walls, near the dining area or kitchen

Today and forever all winters to come, I'd hold this impeccably beautiful handbag in wonderful beige wool and I would not mind at all also holding this same one in white.

This porcelain bracelet would be worn not only in special occasions but also to give a unique touch to a simple outfit with jeans and a blouse

....and probaly my feet would wear this pair of vintage, off white wooven shoes, had they only been my size!

Finally, I'd make a paper chain garland using these amazing stripes of printed on recycled kraft coloured cardstock with soy inks and put some - extra - music & love in our space, since the words make up for 20 titles of love songs all together.

....and I'd use this paper yarn to stylishly and ecologically wrap the shop's next orders, had I not had similar one and so so much of it purchaced at Ikea last Christmas!

...and after imaginary indulging in all this shopping, I can return to reality and for now go prepare a little, new, happy order to be packed.

Wishes for a wonderful Friday
till next post

Ivy xx


  1. totally adorable post.. All the finds look greast together up here
    Also thanks for feautering me!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm truly touched...It's my pleasure and my joy to feature you in my treasure. Your work is so uniquely your own and so very lovely! XO and see you on the FP!

  3. Thank you both! I'm glad you have enjoyed this and that we've met via Etsy.
    Dear Hila! I owe you a lot, as you show so much love to my shop's item so often!