a S u c c u l e n t Story for Urban Jungle Bloggers

... this last Wednesday of February 2014

is finding me on board Urban Jungle Bloggers movement,

meeting some great participants & blogger friends,

initiated by Igor & Judith.

I joined in just a few days ago & wanted to make it to submitting my entry

for this month, well... before it ends ;)

So, promised  B i s c o t t i  recipe coming as a next post this week!

Honestly I could not be absent, being myself such an avid, little, urban gardener...

Plants have always been part of life in my homes.

I can say with certainty that the best

option I have to share so far

is the little, happy, ever growing, green family*

* remember our  w i n t e r  g a r d e n   just about 2 years ago?

living in our current home,

often referred to as the  P e a r l   B i r c h e s   H o u s e.

U r b a n   J u n g l e   B l o g g e r s challenge this month

was to present "one plant in three stylings"

I decided to adjust the theme a little to my needs,

so that I could also at the same time take the chance

to share with you a corner of the bedroom,

which organically evolved after the decision for seeing it with

fresh, new eyes

Any recollection of  the Hello new wall!  post?

that wall has been hosting our Malm chests of drawers,

while providing sufficient horizontal space {2,40 x 0,50 cm } for displaying favorite objects,

or just having useful free space at our disposal.

This is how it currently looks

and this is from where I took things

building around the theme for the 3 different stylings.

Protagonist is the little succulent seen above,

brought from a trip to Fuert Ventura this past December,

growing roots in a grey, stoneware mug,

which otherwise serves favorite cups of tea or coffee.

Rather than creating totally differentiated stylings,

I chose to demonstrate the  e f f e c t   s h a p e s  of plants

have as a decorative element.

Instead of totally changing the materials / objects

surrounding the plant,

{ something that has been so wonderfully demonstrated by many participants ! }

I kept on adding plants.

Below you see our growing succulent fellow

in the company of a round, green leaved friend, as a 2nd version.

... and in the 3rd version, the addition of a madly growing

aloe vera plant { flash back h e r e  }

which totally turned the whole vignette

into a family of plants,

all distinguished for their rather "architectural" character.

Which version do you like the most?

And what about you? Are you growing currently any plants at home?

If yes, what kind of? Where?


saying goodbye with a little "bonus" picture

of a glimpse into an idea

you might want to try out yourselves:

wrap a   p r e t t y   s t r i n g  around the

relatively, grown & strong trunk of one of your 

tall house plants { mind you, not too tight! }

Here is our Seflera plant,

begun barely a few centimeters tall with only but three little leaves,

now all grown up,

wrapped in a cotton white string with golden accents.

It gives an air of surprise

while turning the plant

into an even more decorative element, don't you think?

P r o d u c t s  in this post:

1. "Golden ratio"  p o s t c a r d s : S n u g

2. large & small  f r a m e s : RIBBA /  Ikea

3. star  c a n d l e   h o l d e r  & "Calm"  c a n d l e  in a silver glass: h&m Home

4. metal grey  c a n d l e   h o l d e r s : from a local shop, saw exactly the same in white

while visiting the House Doctor stand in Ambiente a couple of days ago.

5. simple, grey  c a n d l e s: Ikea

6. light brown ceramic pot: MANDEL / Ikea

7. D a l a   h o r s e : Swedish souvenir present from a friend,

spray painted in silver grey

8. grey stoneware  m u g  { here holding the little succulent }: John Lewis

9. green leaved plant in a concrete  p o t : from the flower section of our local super market 

10. decorative woolen & beaded hearts : from local stores


  1. Beautiful styling & photography Iro!! Nothing less expected from you! If I had to vote, I would give my vote to the third styling cause I love the entire plant family! And your aloe vera plant is amazingly beautiful!!! Thank you so much for joining the Urban Jungle Bloggers!

    1. You guys, thank you so much for the thumps up!
      Igor, always very kind and so supportive of my efforts, I really appreciate it and am in fact very glad you like the post and our green family! It's a pleasure to join yours & Judith's movement, while meeting all the other bloggers; such a creative initiative after all!
      The Aloe Vera plant is so so dear to me and carries important symbolism. He is thanking you for the compliment ;)

  2. Such a pretty succulent story, Iro! I'm with Igor: I love it when the succulent is joined by a member of his (or her?) family. And such a clever styling idea to wrap a cord around the trunk of your plant! Thank you for playing along this month! xx

    1. Dear Judith,

      hello! I'm excited to have you over my blog, thank you for coming! I loved your entry and my jaw dropped seeing your dining room dressed so wonderfully in all these bright shades of yellow! { yes, despite my current personal choices, I DO also love & appreciate color, used wisely of course ;)}

      That little fellow is a still a baby, so the gender is currently unknown ;)

      Glad you like the decorative tip! Thank you for the amazing chance to share a beloved corner of my home, it couldn't have been done better without you and the Urban Jungle Bloggers !

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you very much! Very glad you like them :)

  4. Beautiful styling Iro, and despite my own preference for color I always have a moment where I tell myself "Maybe I should go white" when I see such beautiful images.

    PS: on another note it would be great to be able to post a comment with Name/Url

    1. Hi Corinne,

      thank you for your kind words! Especially from a color lover, it is a great compliment to hear that this styling work shared here today is appreciated, very happy for that.

      About the technical issue of being able to post a comment with a name & URL. Good that you added yours so that I can visit you, in case your blogger's profile wouldn't lead me there. I completely agree with you. I'll figure out how to do add this function on the comment section.
      Speaking of that, the only one turned off is the anonymous, after some comments which were considered to be a little bit on the "safe side" , taking advantage of the anonymity to comment in rather un - constructive ways, which here in this "house" is not welcome. However, whomever has a face and the ability to express themselves honestly & openly in a polite or the least socially acceptable manner is welcomed.

  5. It's so hard to choose one!!! But if I have to … the third with the Aloe… one plant are beautiful, three are amazing! ;)

    1. Hello my dear Serena :)

      Thank you for your nice comment! All three plants are overjoyed that you all seem to like them so much : )

      Big hugs to you,
      Iro xoxo

  6. My sweet Iro, I knew you were gonna do an excellent job!
    I love the last one, you aloe plant is stunning <3

    1. The Aloe & me are thanking you for your wonderful words my dear Ilaria!
      So glad you enjoyed this :)

  7. I like all of them - and don´t want to choose. The pictures and your styling are amazing. Iris

    1. Iris, so sweet... great to know you like the shots & somehow not choosing is a great compliment in its own way!
      Thank you very, very much for your kindest comment :)

  8. I love the idea of urban jungle bloggers so much! Dear Ivy, I adore the 3rd version because of I really love to have many plants. Aloe Vera is so nice, I have some in my home and many succulents, cacti and succulents are my passion!
    Love all the versions but I see perfect the 3rd :)

    1. Hello dear Lallabel! Thank you kindly for your comment and sharing your opinion. Aloe Vera is indeed a very beautiful plant!

  9. Hi dear Ivy! I'm in love with your aloe plant. I wish mine was as full as yours ;) The tree though, what a great idea to wrap it with string. Love it! I've been looking for the perfect plants for my little corner. This post is inspiring!

    1. Hello dear Carmen!

      Thank you for your visit here, it has been lovely finding your comment and it is great to know you found some inspiration in the post. Shower your Aloe with some extra portions of love, some new soil { but not too much water } and it might as well become your favorite ; )
      Warm regards all the way,

  10. hello dear friend, long time not 'speak' thanks for your lovely visit to my blog and I am glad you loved my little sentences ;) hope to pop into you again sone day soon x
    ps I might need to join urbain jungle bloggers as it is a good idea to get yourself into styling and making pictures with a theme ;)

    1. What a nice surprise to find you waving hello back to me dear Desire!

      Though little on line or reading blogs currently and recently, today I passed by yours and became inspired with your recent posts, at least the few ones I went through ; )
      Keep up the good work!

      As for joining the Urban Bloggers, it sounds great.You have been always having such an own & pure way in styling, it will be a great contribution, while a fun exercise for you. I guess I'm currently an occasional participant, just as it suits best for now with on line presence in general ; )

      Bisus, xo

      p.s: I won't forget to pass by your "head quarters" for a coffee when I'm around!

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