Welcome to Domestic Stories with Ivy!
After more than a month without having officially written and posted over at Mrs Busy Bee's blog - other than passing by and replying to occasional comments - the realization that a new place was needed, slowly gave birth to this blog here.

I know that there are already 107 of you following my first blog, but since I'm still the same busy bee writing here, I'd be so delighted if you came and followed me to this place, which is meant to journal everyday life through awareness and creativity.

Ever since the conscious decision was made to create a home based "business", I feel that my creativity is having a clear direction and signature of its own and I'm so, so happy to be sharing it with all of you. As working from home merges quite easily with domestic life, these "Domestic Stories" acquired flesh and bones!

I could say that I started blogging and sharing pictures on flickr a year ago, without any specific purpose (or experience) whatsoever and throughout this year, a lot has been learnt, offered and shared at the same time.

During the month I had been absent from the blog world, there has been intense activity and recognition taking place at flickr.
At the same time, the shop was - and is still - being setup, step by step, featuring a line of products, based on prints of Photography...Through Ivy's eyes collections and handmade things.

I'll be sharing all these regularly, as it gives me so much joy to communicate through my work.
There's a lot of stuff having been presented on flickr, which I'm almost certain that you'll be quite pleased to see and read about here.

Domestic Stories will be getting built step by step, with the natural evolution of time, as I always like to have things done.
There is a structure in mind, but the goal is to keep a balance between spontaneity and organisation. So, I'll be mostly posting as life occurs.

You'll be experiencing the hospitality of this place, by having special reductions and the opportunity to enter and win give aways, as readers of this blog.

So after this "only words" welcoming, there'll be an appropriate one, with all the festivity a shop's and blog's official opening deserves, with lots's of eye candy and special treats for quests and friends!

I'll be more than delighted to be seeing you here regularly and I'm incredibly looking forward to sharing with you a life of awareness and creativity, through pictures.

For the time being, all the best of wishes to all :)

Love always
Ivy xx


  1. This is really wonderful!!!! Congrats on your new blog. I will follow it!!!!

  2. OH Ivy! This is wonderful! I love blogging and can't wait to read more :D

  3. Congrats Ivy, I follow you - of course..
    Have a nice week

  4. What a wonderful title for your blog ... you know I love reading your words and seeing your work so I will be here frequently to admire and support you as much as I can. Congratulations!! xxx

  5. I'm so excited to see all of you here!
    My dearest Angela, Karin, Isabel and Strobist girl, how great it is that we are also meeting here asides from flickr :)
    Thank you for this warmest welcoming!I appreciate your presence and support a lot!

    In case you 've already become followers, I'll have to figure out why it isn't apparent by checking the settings.

  6. It looks good! So fresh, light, calm and so you ;)
    I'll be passing by for sure and good luck and lots of fun blogging!

  7. beautiful blog Ivy. love, love it.

  8. Hello, hello, hello..........:-) Looking forward to this Ivy!! XX

  9. Marion, Beverly, Madhu, thank you so much my dears!It feels just great knowing that you are here :) xx