Good morning life!


Open these shades and let the light in...
See how it is shining on them?
It's you it wishes to reach in fact

Light is everywhere around us, even in the darkest of  places,
it climbs on black colored roofs and makes them shimmer silver...

Goodmorning Life
I'm mostly happy that you are happening to me...
Thank you.

Goodmorning dear all,
I'm mostly happy to be coming here and sharing with you life and a perception of it through pictures and lots and lots of endless Love!

Thank you for the warmest of welcomings yesterday, the celebration is getting prepared and you are all invited!
I'll be keeping you up to date.

In the meantime, enjoy lovely days and mornings!

Love to you,

Ivy ~ xx

P.S: as mentioned yesterday, posts here will be occuring with the natural flow of life. So, as morning inspiration came nicely my way, in just a while, I'll try to take you to the top of the world with me...;)