Putting music in a jar...

Hello on a Tuesday afternoon....
 Rainy day...peaceful day...crafting day....have been happily preparing some new orders for the shop and before they find their ways to the post,  I'm taking a break finally finishing this post begun on Sunday. Speaking of which, I hope you' ve all spent nice times during it and have started this new week refreshed, energised and on a good, positive basis.

Positivity...I find so much of it when creating from the tiniest of things, to being involved in bigger - decorating usually - projects both for our living spaces, for friends and of course clients. Therefore today, I thought we spend together some crafting time.

Here is what we'll make:

....but before we do, I'm in the mood for some story telling.
Clouds in the sky just bring this mood, reminding of great times with the students of the Arts § Crafts in English seminars, while sut in a circle around me during story reading breaks...
I guess I also kind of miss teaching....

So, I'll let you into the little - true - story going hand in hand with this crafting project, as they always arise as a result of instant inspiration happily striking my way.

Lovely mother of mine had arrived to visit me for the first time in our humble, little Penthouse apartment, after alsmost two & half years that I've been living here.
Two years that have marked tremendous changes in my family, for which though is not the time to talk about.
Staying focused! Back to my mother visiting me....
So she brought her lovely, stylish and kind self, along with suitcases filled with lots of.....Greece inside!
The honyiest of honeys carried in a rather large tin being part of it.

"Wünderbar mother!" I thought and said....
Now, we have delicious honey from local Greek sellers and a chance to get creative.

Since we had been keeping (miraculously somewhere in this tiniest kitchen of ours!) some of the jars of our favorite morning marmelade in order for them to be reused when the time comes - finally it did! -
they became happy holders of  golden honey.

...looking around the house, I spotted the vintage music paper sheets used for making music paper boat garlands (much similar to these) and which by the way never made it to the shop, as I kept giving them for present to friends or them bying some in the name of support, to offer as a present themselves. The summer is over and paper boat garlands never saw the shelves of the Etsy shop....oh well....talking about having to learn to be professional while working from home...ahem, ahem....

So lovely friends,
we had honey
we had jars
we had music sheets
and as my partner poitned out:
"You made music honey, right?

I guess it's true, so let's put a little music in our kitchens now, shall we?

Here is how they could eventually look, if you wish to follow the instructions step by step.
Get creative while being inspired and make similar ones, speaking of your own personal style.
Crafting is about the joy of creating, while also freeing our imagination and discovering new places inside us that wish to expressed.

The basic materials we need:
~> recycled/ repurposed glass jars
~> uncouloured,recycled, soft paper
  ~> scissors
~> stick glue
~> natural string
~> thin cardboard to cut out labels from
~> silver marker

How to instuctions...I actually sat down and handwrote the steps before coming to prepare this post.
There 's something about writing, about the things we love, while holding a pen in our hands, that is so soul soothing and a wonderful usage of time....despite us living in the era of being  fast,
I strongly oppose to that by the way...I believe in efficiency & organisation, but think that hurring to do things, while at the same time wanting (and in worst of cases being obsessed with) being better or ahead from others, simply excludes high quality, real joy and actually fullfiling ourselves and existencies through our doings.
Worry not though, there are explicitly typewritten steps just below this picture of the handwritten instructions.

This is an alternative
with a label having been created from the same material used to cover the lid.
I made this just to temporary put inside some of the materials used for the music jars while I was photographing having in mind to share  this craft here.

I actually like this more simplistic outcome a lot.
You could actually use this instead of music, vitnage sheets and write with the silver marker what the jar holds inside.

The lid of this heavenly delightful marmelade, served as  inspiration to create the cover of the silver lid of our little repurposed jars.
However, should you like simple ways and minimalistic look and solutions, keeping it plain after having removed the label of the brand, will work just fabulously.

To make the covered in soft paper lid, we cut a square piece, larger than the circle of the lid.
Better cut it bigger than smaller ;)
We then pass the glue stick allover the square surface of the paper.
We center it and attach it to the silver lid.
First the top and then  the sides.
This is probably the trickiest part.
We need to be going over every centimeter of the sides patiently to form nice folds.
We wait for the glue to dry and then cut the paper just around the edges of the lid for a clean look.

Easy part comes..hooray!
1. We wrap around the glass jar the stripes of music sheets and glue them together - just slightly will be enough - in the back there where they meet.

We tie around the jar's "neck" some natural string to end in a bow, where we will hung our label from.
First prepare your label by writing the content of the jar in your nicest handwriting  (you can decorate it by drawing some stiches all around the label's shape , too) and then tie it on.
This one is cut in a heart shape but you can do it anyway you like. I also like simple rectangular ones a lot!

Our recyvled , music, honey jars are ready and the ones in below are taking a stroll in our veranda, as the sun was shining and they got all excited when they found out that they would be all over the internet.

"Wohooo!"....they said...." we are happy to be wearing outfits we love and wish you to have much fun and great times while making some like us"

"If you are flickr and/or online friend of our god mother Ivy, we encourage you to take pictures and send them in to her...she'll be so happy to receive them!"

From the them and me:

~ Have the loveliest of days!
 May goodness be with us all ~

Ivy xx


  1. OMG girl...this is wonderful...I love it, thank you so much for sharing...I have to try this out!! Your blog is so amazing!!

    Hugs and kisses/ C

  2. PS. How wonderful your mother is there...I adore Greece and the Creek food...yummi :-)

  3. LOVE!!!! Thank you my dear for this idea.....why didn't the rest of the world think of this? ;-)

  4. This is wonderful Ivy - you have inspired me to get busy with my empty jars and rolls of brown paper!

  5. Hello dear friends :)

    ...apologising for the belayed reply!
    Christina, am glad you came over and thank you for your kind words very much :)
    Even though these were made during my mother's stay here, she has already returned to Greece by now and I'm missing her wonderful cooking!
    I hope you have tried this out or that you'll find some time in your super busy and so creative schedule. When you do make them I'd love to see pictures of them posted on your blog! What a wonderful space you also have created!

    Madhu beloved friend, we don't know, maybe someone already has! I suspect and hope you'll make some, even though you already put daily enough of music in your kitchen with your delicious and eye pleasing creations!

    Doreen dearest, you'll make more than music....you'll make magic I'm sure!

    Lots of love and the best of wishes for a lovely day,
    Ivy XX

  6. Very nice Ivy - and very generous of you to share. Excellent photos and presentation. Sweet!


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