~ Love at the top of the world

Let's take a ride at the top of the world, 
shall we?
Is your mind already racing to the highest mountains and skyscrapers of all?
No need to go that far or that high up!
How about the roofs of our houses,
just around the neighborhood?

I'll take you on a ride with me around Greece, Germany and The Netherlands, where the following pictures were taken.
So, let's see what we encountered:

The three Magicians

sunbathing on one of the tops of the world, at incredible Makrinitsa village in beautiful Pilion of Greece

above the area of Ajios Nikolaos in Pilion again,
which stood there where the sea and sky meet,
at the eternal horizon,
there where hearts melt from happiness
and minds liberate themselves,
she stood alone
but felt not lonely,
as she embraced the whole of Existence
with every one of her breaths...


just like having jumped out of a Walt Disney cartoon, which
waved to me while going up the stairs of a neighboring building, seen (and photographed) through glass while in Amsterdam

and last but not least,
in the lovely German city of Limburg,
just the same ones which appeared in today's

Above is a mosaic assembling together all of today's pictures posted here,
while giving me the chance to present a couple of new things,
such as the "Life of awareness" project,
a series of posts which attempts to touch and discuss delicate matters of life,

and my undeniable love for white,
which has been put together in this set of four prints below,
from the Domestic-Kitchen Stories,
designed to bring love and light in your interiors
in a discrete way:

all available at the shop individually in various sizes and as a friendly priced set.

Hope you are all spending lovely days,
finding the magic in everyday living and the simplest aspects of it.

I'll be seeing you soon, with news and pictures from the apartment,
but before I 'll be posting and official announcement
over at Mrs Busy Bee's Blog,
as there are so many more friends to be notified about this transition.


Ivy ~  xx


  1. Very creatives shots, i like the lines of the first one!! and together in your collage on flickr look so great!

  2. Hi Carmen :)
    So very glad you like these shots!
    The first one is also my favorite exactly for the play of horizontal and vertical lines...
    Nice to see you here and thank you commenting

    Have a nice day :)xx

  3. You keep amazing me... Such beauty in a 'simple' subject of roofs and rooftiles, something we are confronted with day by day and pass by without noticing. I'm learning so much from you (even studied together with Jacques how to fold boats again, which was fun) and I thank you for that!!

  4. Marion!...that's great :)
    I mean about making paper boats...I find it to be such a relaxing activity, bringing back childhood memories.
    I'm as happy as I could be to have even assisted a little bit in you making them. You are very welcome and thank you very much for letting me know.

    It's great to find out how inspiration offered affects other people and I'm just so glad to be able for that from time to time.

    Lovely to see you here, thank you very much for passing by and writing such nice things :)

    Happy key cleaning/photographing and paper boat making ;)

  5. I'll say Hi here too - love especially the roof top photo #4 !!!

    Really, all Nice work!!!!!


  6. Hi Heather :)

    you are a precious person and a real friend, always being around at the right timing, in happiness and in sadness, in the most supportive way.

    Thank you for that and all the best of wishes for your new plans and all you wish to achieve!

    I'm also glad you like the Shimmering roofs as they are so dear to me!...Helen also liked them if you see at flickr and both of you have been great friends, especially behind the "scenes" since a year.

    Love always xxx
    Ivy :)

  7. Hi Ivy! Your shots are so creative and I just love your new blog: clean, simple, easy to read and a beautifully designed banner. II will put a link on my blog.

  8. Hello dear Maria :)

    Thank you for coming over! I'll gladly put a link of yours, as I'd be proud and honored to be linked to you from here. Your creations are incredible!

    So glad you like this new place :)