~ Christmas inspiration...more!

...Thursday night at home, tremendously cold outside, warm and cozy inside....
much like here...my diary seems like a nice alternative past time and as I see that these pages are visited more and more often by you, the more I wish to share.

Inspiration is naturally endless but there are always these images that make us stop a while and look.
I personally also start to analyse the reasons why a picture totally speaks to me.
Like the one below, how awesome is it to have such a tree?
Should we have had a wall for that, it would be keeping us company, too.
But we don't. So I simply admire it for it simplicity and its brilliance.
A two dimensional design (a drawing) decorated with a garland of balls (adding the 3rd dimension), which jumps out of the wall and rests on the warm carpet in front of it.

Desiree has gathered honestly the most inspiring and well put together Alternative Christmas tree guide I've seen. A perfect thing for me as I adore design.
You must go over and have a look.
Click on the highlightened link above and there you are!

And if you have not already been there (which I very much doubt), you must go over at Miss Dottie Angel's mossy shed, which is dressed in wonderful colours against crispy white.
What a lovely way to express the wish for Joy and Peace!

As Miss Tiff has very capable hands, asides from a brilliant mind, warm heart and impeccable style and I suppose endless amounts of patience and creativity, she creates wonders with miss Ethel, her loyal sewing mashine and her knitting needles.
Just look at how she dressed these recycled jars in warm, all white coats!
You can make them yourself by following her wonderfully explicative steps right here at this post over at her blog.

And then, there's another lady from the fabulous stoff, who creates the most wonderful corners at her home with very simple decorations.
Nadine writes at Herz-Allerliebst and despite the fact that she is German, her blog can be read both in German and in English.
You'll be also finding her on flickr, where we met.
Take a look at the Advent calendar she created for her little boys...

Simply lovely, correct?
Her boys are among the luckiest in the world, I'm sure!
I just love how she incorporates their creations in her Holiday decor.
Much like those little trees cut out from their drawings and used as ornaments.
I do so love a children friendly decoration and environment!

I also love how she uses white, with touches of colour here and there, how she brings nature inside and how effortlessly she creates mostly wonderful and inviting corners in her home.

I was rather tempted in bringing here more of these ladies' fabulous finds and pictures they've made themselves, but I 'd feel like I'm trying to steal some of their glory.
As the purpose of posts like these is to simply share with you pictures that stay with me long after I see them, while at the same time introducing you to the work of some people I admire.
So do hop over Desire's, Miss Tiff's and Nadine's fabulous worlds!
You'll have a great time!
And I'll just hop over to the kitchen to make another hot tea before bed time.
See you here most possibly tomorrow my dears.

Stay warm...inside out ;)

Ivy ~ xx


  1. You've outdone yourself again Ivy! a gorgeous collection of christmas inspiration ;)

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely and warm words, Iro. I feel so honoured to be mentioned among these two talented ladies.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Hugs, Nadine

  3. Nadine you are so very welcome my dear. I was very happy to have some of your gorgeous pictures hosted here. Thank you and you are always welcome.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Iro ~ xoxo

  4. ....and Nimue my dear, how lovely to see you here, too!...since I get the personal chance now, let me in my turn congratulate you for the fabulous work you do with Isis on The Dansant!
    Thank you for including my pictures in one of your latest collages :)

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  5. oh miss Ivy! gosh i am positively beaming to be on your lovely beautiful blog :)
    thank you kindly for your kind words and wishing you the most gleeful of seasons
    Tif x