~ a weekend with Ivy...

well my dears, good morning & have the loveliest of new weeks ahead!
I hope your weekends were nice ones, spent in meaningful ways,
whatever this involves for each and every special one of you...

as for myself... 
"a weekend with Ivy"... as the title connected to the pictures flying around here suggests,
 I'll let you know all about it in the second part of this post.

 ~ ~ ~

for now, let me tell you what does it mean for people who share their life with me
to spend a weekend {and sometimes a life} together...

what will they say...

she is a child...
an incurable romantic...
with an unexpected twist in logical thinking when needed,
still always connected to her deep sense of intuition...

she creates all the time...
she develops ideas,
she makes with her hands,
she photographs
styles everyday life as if it is the most valuable present

she manically cleans the kitchen when at home {unless she is that tired a few times now & then}
she organises everything and yet sometimes she makes a chaos...

she talks to herself while she writes...
she dives into her favorite interior design books & magazines...

she sets the table every time, a few times a day
 as if it was a celebration,
using the most inexpensive and modest of accessories...

she carefully folds recyclable waste
so that they do not aquire much space...

she gets angry when bees flying in the house are about to be killed
and whole operations are put together instead,
in order to safely return them to their natural environment
through the window & veranda...

she has a clear hate relationship with cables,
which she also manically puts away,
folds or organises in any possible way

if they are white, they have slight chances of being put up with...
they are black ~> they are dead {meaning they are hidden away}

sometimes she loves socialising with others
and then there are times
she is only occupied with all she does...

while making {non pragmatic sometimes} plans
about saving the world,
performing good,
infuencing others in positive ways,
making an impact on this society, in this life...

I know that living with me is not easy,
unless perhaps you are "me"
{and even not that always!}

but then again everything & everyone in life
have two sides...
and when we are blessed with some charismas,
with some positive sides,
we also carry a little burden on our shoulders,
these darker sides of ourselves,
ones we have to deal with,
in order to set ourselves free 
proceed with living the life we really want for ourselves.

I'll not tire you any longer with my Monday morning ramblings
and will immediately let you know what the pictures
in this post are all about!

so... as for today, I'm a contributor author in Birch & Little, 
an Australian online magazine publication,
connected to {this} blog & soon an {online shop}
for independent designers.

our cooperation has been marked with
the release of the 1st issue for October 2011,
which you can flip though {here!}

Below are the pictures from my "After the spa, household stories" post,

which were so nicely & artistically put together by the editor of the magazine
as seen on the top picture of this post here
 it is in fact placed in pages 21 & 22 of the actual magazine

will you let me know your thoughts as well?
am so eager to hear them!

asides from participating in this issue with a short version of
{this} blog post,

the opening and contents picture & the cover one
are both chosen from my portfolio
 must admit that this makes me so very happy,
even if this is just an online magazine!

I love the magazine's logo
{ I mean, who doesn't love two blue... love birds after all!}
find the whole layout to work so wonderul with the picture,
the original of which you
see below & can find posted {here}

finally, here is the cover!
I can so clearly imagine this publication printed...
it certainly makes a strong impact 
 just love the combination of colours & fonts!

the original picture can be viewed online {here}
 it was part of  the "Joyful simplicities" post

I guess before ending this post...
{and starting to prepare a new one, as there is so much taking place
almost in every field of my life, I don't know where to momentarily find the time
to post about everything and then where to begin from!}

... I wanted to say that I'm quite happy for the fact that not only
am I appreciated as an interiors desinger, consultant & photographer,
but also as a writer.

And this gives me enormous happiness,
cause I honestly never ever in my life had imagined that to be taking place.

had it not been for starting to blog,
such opportunities would have most probably never reached me.

I'm so thankful for everything...
and wishing you a happy Monday ahead,
cause there is really so much work to be done around here...

till next post 
very soon...  

much   to you

P.S:  photos by Iro Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic stories with Ivy 2011
        magazine captures & editing:  birch&little


  1. Well done! Guess where I am right now? Rhodos!

  2. Great!!!
    Have a nice weekend,

  3. Wow ! Congratulations Ivy for the cover and your publication !!

  4. Everything looks lovely, dear! Your photos are delightful and I LOVE them all.

    Wonderfully written as well <3

    Have a FAB day!
    xo, Nina

    ( I´m leaving to NY on Friday! Yay :)

  5. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and passing by my dear friends!

    Nina, enjoy your flight to NY! We are about to escape for a couple of days in Mallorca amongst all craziness... let's see how that fits somehow ;)

    Anne, thank you my dear!

    Yvonne, danke sehr auch und hoffe das Du einen schönen Woche hattest.

    Rita, hope you are enjoying your time on this wonderful Greek island!

    Kind regards to you all,
    Iro, xo

  6. I'm sure living with you is beautiful...I would like to spend a weekend with Ivy!!! Congratulations for the magazine publication... it's because your style is so simply gorgeous, I adore it!!!

  7. Rather satisfying having ones work noticed and appreciated, right??? Enjoy and head on to new adventures. Cheers, Lisbeth in Sweden