~ after the Spa... household stories

after the Spa... one can light up candles, even at 6 o' clock in the afternoon,
 even when there is still plenty of light,
{but let's remember that the sky yesterday was graciously dressed in all shades of grey}
and make a simple table set for tea, carry a little bit of magic...

peppermint tea in two of Ikea's simlpest of mugs,
black for him & white for her,

Greek "Total" joghurt, with blended almonds & honey
{which was also our Sunday breakfast}

in white bowls,
with spoons in light & darker pink from "r*ce",

a round, bamboo tray,
 a bowl of fresh blackberries in the middle, for each to deep them into the joghurt...

I think my favorite part of our Spa visit in Heaven Spa of {this} hotel in Frankfurt yesterday,
was actually our return home and our tea together,
watching James Bond "Diamonds are a girl's best friend",
{sadly not on {such} a screen as we currently own no t.v,
but on a laptop's one}

as we were driving back, it was raining cats & dogs,
so being home, 
with two hot Italian pizzas from the local shop,
was really a pleasure

It's not that I don't like spas...don't get me wrong...
I actually loved the experience of being there
it gave our Sunday such a different, nice colour...

it's just that I'm not a city girl...
I love living in suburbs,
while being just a couple of kilometers from a big city
{a range of around 15 - 25 km is just perfect}

 and then remember that I'm a girl from Greece brought up by the sea...
{a small parenthesis: {here} is where I grew up, {this} was the nearest to our home park some 50m from it & {that} beach bar was less than 200m from our home }

 for me the best Spa is a sunny day at a beautiful beach...
it doesn't even have to be an organised one...

a tree can become an umbrella,
a soft towel on warm sand can be a daybed,
salty water & a combo of {baby oil} + sand becomes the best body scrub,
while swimming in the open waters,
not only exercises the body with every movement, 
but also rejuvenates the whole organism & being

....yeah, simple, beautiful every day life is my kind of Spa...
not of course that I would mind being {here}
 for example...

note to self for when I become rich & famous:
{who said I ever will, anyway ? ;)}
a. send your parents to relax there
b. take your beloved partner there, this time taking care of all the financial issues

and let's come to current time as these lines are being written...
 I just enjoyed a little break for a coffee snack {seen above},
the lately usual stuff:
Greek coffee & vanilla Macedonian halva spingled with cinnamon...

light + nutritious + energising...

this Monday morning has been a cleaning one,
and I'm so glad the sun finally showed up,
as it makes everyhing brighter & easier!

see the laundry below?
and our bed's pillows taking some sunshine & fresh air at the veranda?

doesn't some sun make the simplest things in life just nicer?

...and one more point:
do you love having items from white/almost transparent plastic in your homes/households?

I find that this material beautifies objects so much,
that even when a laundry temporary rests on the living room's couch,

{for a passionate photographer/writer/blogger 
to make pictures of it to share with her beloved readers ;)}

the setting is still nice, clean & pleasant

your thoughts on that dears?

...so to sum up:

~ I do love Spas
~ I adore the sea and life next to it...
but I also love living in Germany, in the center of Europe,
~ I love being a housewife & working freelance on all my passions & talents
myself being my own boss,
~ I love white
~ I love writing in this blog
~ I love all you who take time in reading my thoughts, seeing my pictures, sharing fragments of my life
~ I wish for a white screen t.v to watch more James bond movies & documentaries on it

~  I'm excited that this week a celebration is to be taking place here, 
as we did reach - and overcome! - 444 funs on our FB page
giving you the chance to win lovely items from
our etsy shop, New Ivy Style

stay tuned,
it is indeed happening this week ; )

wishing you the loveliest of days & weeks ahead! ~
will be seeing you here soon ~


  1. The light in your living room is gorgeous! We only have beautiful light like that in the winter, here in southern portugal...

  2. Your photography is wonderful! Really lovely xx

  3. you have this amazing way of making even the worst tasks (such as laundry) looking gorgeous ...

  4. Even your laundry looks so stylish, my dear!!!

  5. i love seeing the world through your words… and i LOVE your house!!! can I come there sometime and you make me tea and cookies and coffee and berries ?? that's not asking too much right? oh and maybe we can finish all that off with some of these italian pizzas you are referring to ;)

  6. Oooo a party! Yes, I shall bring the cake! :-)

  7. You bring so much freshness into the world, it revives us all!
    x Iris
    ps I have a white screen television and it is in fact even beautiful when it is not turned on (unlike all the other ugly screens I see everywhere).

  8. Thank's all! Such wonderful comments! You are putting me to sleep with a smile : )
    ...and having ideas about planning little gatherings here & perhaps "heart to heart" weekend seminars "with a twist in style" ?
    ...maybe in small groups of up to 4 people each time?
    ...so that we feel comfortable and there is enough time for everyone?
    ... would you be interested in that? I' d love to organise it during the summer for September/October
    ...promise to make it totally price worthy and to offer you delicious cookies
    ...the only difficulty: how do we bring Madhu all the way here?

  9. I love the photo you took in your living room. It looks so cozy.

  10. oh sweetie...i love all of those...and...on top..i tell you............i have those pink spoons too!!!!!! :))))) one day i will visit you..the upcoming week i will be in franfurt but all busy visiting friends...but i promise!! xxx