know thyself & come out and play

well, today I'll come right to the point...

come out and play...
how to grow a confident self, 
based on healthy love,
out of what might have been a shy, inconfident child & young adult...

what does it take?

trial & error
self knowledge
ability to say no

how do we achieve that phase of {know thyself}?

staying healthy physically & emotionally by:
eating well
drinking a lot 
{no don't mean glasses of alcohol on a constant basis ;)}
training the brain

more specifically:

engaging in psychotherapy sessions
no, you actually don't need to be severely depressed, 
or malfunctioning in any other way to begin it.
it simply helps us find out who we are,
what we wish & how to achieve it,
while understanding at the same time
that it is not only about us in this world.
we are part of a whole
living together with other creatures & humans,
sometimes much more fortunate than us
and sometimes much less.

some useful tools on our ways:

all help a lot in calming us down
and assist us in our process of 
getting in touch with our real personal needs,
while managing to eventually not be overdistracted
and overburdened by today's 
fast changing societies,
bringing millions of stimuli to us per day

finally, a little humour...

get to know yourself
we all have nice features both externally & internally
as much as ugly ones
cherish your good sides
acknowledge your bad sides
invest in your good sides
work on befriending yourself with the bad sides
and if possible changing them to the better.

well, and do occassionally indulge in some very selective & smart shopping ; )
value money 
in my opinion,
do not become a slave of consumption
reward yourself with a few things here and then
you really love and know will add to your quality of living

[choices from my latest curated treasury on etsy {come out and play}]

avoid super market behavior and instant trends
learn what your really like 
and enhances both your self image and your living environment

in case this is not your poweful point
but it still matters to you,
allow yourself  to receive some help and advice from experts

living beautifully & stylish is something both to be blessed with
but also something that over time can be learned

ok...and how about you?

care to come out and play style with me? ; )

have a wonderful day, wherever you are, whatever you do,
remember that beauty begins from a healthy mind and loving heart

c u later with some visual inspiration found around this wonderful web surrounding us


Images: self modeling for myself or else Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic stories with Ivy
"True love never fades" fine art photography print available {here}


  1. I just Love your posts, your writing, your Pictures!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words & connecting here. Looking forward to spending some time on your blog, too :)

  3. very inspiring post Iro. I am glad to have a friend full of important knowledge ;) Love the pics too!

  4. I can´t agree more with Fräulein Ordnung; LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! You are such an inspiration, dear!