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In August... in Love...

Saying h e l l o from sunny Amsterdam my dear readers & friends,

wishing everyone a 

h a p p y   n e w   m o n t h   ahead,

packed with loads of  

L O V E !

I'm using as my current, temporary residence the charming home of

amazing photo stylist Paulina Arcklin,

while she's busy preparing more and more spectacular work for her clients

and organizing photo workshops.

In case you are anywhere near Helsinki on the 9th & 10th

of August, participating would be great!

Perhaps there is still a spot or two left open.

Find out more h e r e

Being literally in a styling props p a r a d i s e

and having the ok to go ahead and play around,

I put together vignettes to make me feel  a t   h o m e .

Everything has been found here, except the  b u t t e r f l y  brooch,

 a Christmas present to me from a dear friend living in Canada

and my beloved white i-phone,

a present given to me from the person I love, to celebrate 

a good four digit contract I had signed.

{ now five, six & seven digit contracts you are welcome my ways  :) }

The "h o m e " sign is made by me,

reminding that one's home lives in one's heart.

I carry my beloved  G e r m a n   h o m e  wherever I am,

till we meet again.

Know that everything in my life has been evolving in the

most proper, smoothest & wonderful of ways.

I'm loved back as much as I love,

feeling thankful & grateful for all blessings in my life.

And wish you all the very same!

.... more posts soon to come,

till then, have the loveliest of days!


well...let's talk about love ;)

good afternoon on this Friday everyone!

since I haven't been much online today, let me ramble a little bit,
would you? ; ) is a beautiful thing....
 many have sung so and few can deny it...right?

the reason why I'm bringning this three dimesional art installation {Love of wire} to you here today, is that it got featured in {Etsy's front page today again} for one more of many other times. And eventhough this item is to be only prepared customly by order, it brings me happiness to see this magical aspect of life, being viewed by a few hundreds of pairs of eyes in just an hour...
my hopes are that a positive message is transmitted....

 you know as time passes by, it is revealed more clearly to me what my creations are standing for...
there is definetely clear symbolism, while attempting to bring a sense of inner calm, tranquility, serenity and a little touch of magic, staying pragmatic at the same time...

talking about this magical aspect of life, it's the right time for you to take a flight over to {Mortal Muses}, where I had participated in a series of "what inspires  you" posts about 8 months ago. I'm afraid I had only shared {that information} on flickr, so it is quite possible that you have no idea about it! It seems to be fitting quite nicely today though. So, love being my subject, "Love as an expression of art" was my contribution to the series and {here} you may read all about it.

talking about this magical aspect of life, I couldn't but share with you,
one of the loveliest "thank you notes" that has been ever written about my work & me.

Who did? 
adorable, talented Nika from {Nika handmade papergoods}
whose admirable work was featured {here} yesterday.

Eventhough she writes in her mother language - Slovenish - she was kind enough to send me a translation, as I do not speak her language. Still, through art people can express themselves and connect beyond any physical boundaries or those of language or culture.
I find this very touching, moving & at the same time poweful...

So here it is, her post: "Amazing people"

"Sometimes by coincidence you meet amazing people. Iro is a wondeful person, writing an amazing blog, has a great apartment and online shop full of beautiful photos and things for the home. She wrote me on Monday and said that she would like to present my work on her blog. As I was ckecking it, I was impressed. We find beautiful things, ideas for home decoration and little treasury lists, that she curates on etsy. While I was reading her blog, I found out, that she is dealing with home decoration and interior consultancy and all I can say is that she is doing a great job. I wish, in the future, that my apartment would be as beautiful as hers, because she has an amazing sense of aesthetics. Home is the one place, that you come back to. It is the place, where you cherish great moments, have dinner with friends,  the place, where you can go after the chaos of outside world which sometimes is just too much. It is like a harbour. And the harbour of Iro is just beautiful. If I lived in Germany, I would go shopping with her for home, would ask her for some advice and I would have her pictures among many others on my walls. Thank you so much."

Thank you, Nika! You are so amazing yourself!
Our on line meeting has coloured these days bright and sweet!

my dear friends, I' ve kept you rather long with this & that
but will goodnight you soon, with these ever loved {happy paper boats},

thank you for your love & changes my whole world....

good night from Amsterdam, where I've come to take part at the
"Meet the blogger" event tomorrow.
looking forward to meeting you all there!

and to you my dear readers, a mostly delightful evening and weekend ahead
c u here quite soon :)