Calmess, collectivity & ... b a k i n g !

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even though I thought time to come share again today an inspiration Friday post would be limited,

I'm glad to be making it work.

I felt truly happy with seeing readers' traffic coming here again

and was totally warmhearted with your comments 

T  H A N K  U

so here is another collage I put together.

Everyone has their values in their lives

& for me being a calm & collected person

is a true treasure

I owe a lot to my personal efforts, but also

to my man who has tried over & over the years 

again to point out & tame my occasional moments

of over anxiety.

I think it happens to people who are sensitive

and care perhaps a little bit too much about others

& the world itself.

I found out that the best gift we* can offer to

the ones we love, society, the world

and of course ourselves

is to be fully aware of our own individual natures

and become in peace with that.

{ * according to my personal appreciation of life }

Unlike what many people think,

being  c a l m   &   c o l l e c t e d 

has little to do with not ever being upset

or expressing emotions

It has little to do with being passive

It doesn't exclude

having fiery parts as a person, too

And above all it doesn't exclude passion

or being madly in love with someone / something / life itself at times

Being  c a l m  involves feeling  f u l l  &  c o m p l e t e  at all different stages of life.

Just like when we sit watching the sun set above a

magnificently calm sea...

It's the same water that becomes waves

when a storm breaks out.

Yet, it is always this:

able to adjust

reflecting the beauty of life & the universe.

I like to think of people not as beautiful or less beautiful per se,

whether physically and /or internally,

but as chances for them / us to reflect the  b e a u t y   &   m a r v e l  of this world.

Before I go,

here is a little something I've been wanting for a long time to share,

simply cause it is a big part of my every day life.

Baking has evolved into some kind of soothing activity for me

and I just receive so much happiness offering people I love

something healthy & tasty made from me.

It's not only the outcome,

I love the whole  p r o c e s s 

of gathering together the ingredients,

placing them in pretty bowls & glasses & plates,

watching everything transform 

till the moment to take them out of the oven


enjoying the beautiful smells in the meantime.

It really is a form of  m e d i t a t i o n  for me

And it is as good as moments of 

In case you are curious about our ever continuing home make over

I posted a couple of pictures on

Take a look { h e r e } &  { t h e r e }

nothing really styled for a proper photo shoot

yet pictures nevertheless!

Wishing you all one g o r g e o u s weekend ahead

sharing another pic of some of my favorite moments

in every day life:

b r e a k f a s t s


  1. Hello dear, Ivy! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog! I just want to let you know that I received your long comment and the short one after that. (In case you were worrying that your comment didn't make it through.) I appreciate very much your wise advice! By the way, I love your minimalistic style and taste! I'm also in the process of decorating with 'a less is more' approach - I think it's quite liberating.

    Anyways, about this post, just wanted to let you know that it is a pleasure to read you. Keep them coming! I love the sound of being a calm and collected person. That's what I've been trying to work on in my personal life. It is hard though, cause sometimes I lose my temper pretty quickly. I find that reading the bible helps me with that, so as you can see, I'm still a work in progress. :)

    By the way, can't wait to see the recipe for the biscottis next week! Maybe I'll get in the mood for some baking! ;)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    1. This post really is a pleasure to read, as with all Iro's post. Such a beautiful ways of writing xxx

    2. Thank you Laura, really kind of you to say so!

      Being able to share a few thoughts & feelings openly requires being a little brave from my side, giving way to insecurities and fears, while grabbing strongly that part that feels confidence, trust & belief.

  2. Dear Carmen,

    this one is for you. First of all you are very welcome :) Good luck with finding the best solutions at home! About being a work in progress, don't we all always are, so long as we live?

    Managing temper, fears, insecurities is something requiring constant work. We beat some, gain confidence and then we have to do it again, that time hopefully being more experienced and achieved more comfortable a better outcome. But it always takes work. And also being kind to ourselves when we mess up. Cause we are human & we learn.

    Padding our shoulders even for little achievements, gives the chance for confidence to be built. We all need to do that! We all come from our individual backgrounds, have fought our ways & as much as it is nice and fair to recognize the achievements of others, it is also important to give value to ourselves for what we have also achieved. Every step. Every stone contributed to the life we live & desire to live.

    So, from another work in progress, who took a little break to pad her shoulder a little and remind herself of some values she cherishes in this post, till she proceeds again with efforts in reaching her full potential, doing the best for herself, her loved ones and society in general, wishing you a journey filled with moments worth remembering & experiencing, in which ever way is meaningful and true to you.

    Have a nice start to the new week!

    p.s: keep an eye for the recipe sometime this week! ;)

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