the F u n side of Life!

hi everyone!

I just really wanted to break the silence

by simply popping in to say  h e l l o

and share a little collage I put together sometime this morning

in between other work.

It sure relaxes me to do that, while still training my eye for colors, shapes, texture,

a very valuable part of every 

interior design consultant's and /or stylist's work.

But above all in my effort to  i n s p i r e  &   a s s i s t  people

in living  h a p p y   &   f u l f i l l i n g  lives

I cannot help but adding a  m e s s a g e  that very often suits me well to follow myself 

{ blink - blink ; )}

so, off I am, direction downstairs, for a little stretching session *

in our rather purposely lightly furnished living room

-  we have moved things to maximize space & I'll show you!

but for now you can take a sneak peek { h e r e } -

* which might as well include some dancing movements -  h o o r a y  to that!

bonus pic coming below!

 cause I have been so much more often than I really intend to or plan to not really here with you...

a smiling eyes selfie, I shot for my dear man,

just like that & just because.

Just because it was one of those perfect** moments at home...

cause he's the first person in the whole world, I want him to see me smiling from the heart,

as he plays a very significant role in my happiness.

{ but he knows that by now :)}

** { a personal appreciation of course! }

The collage is made from my pinterest  " l i k i n g   b o a r d ".

{clearly a personal word invention ;) }

Here are some valuable links I'm glad to be able to share with you:

1. "pine" typography { h e r e }

2. beautiful bunting that after some research looks quite similar to

{ t h i s }  wonderful one seen on my very favorite blog Mokkasin

Good luck with finding "proper" links for the rest ones!

3. kitty { h e r e }

4. bear { h e r e }

5. leather & wood d.i.y hunger { h e r e }

You know that I'll be very appreciative if you can contribute to linking!

Kind thanks & see you here s o o n !


Iro - Ivy

p.s: this post can be filed under an early Inspiration Friday post ;)


  1. Oh Iro, it's so deliciuos collage, full of joy... we really more happiness, every day! Thanks

    1. Good morning & buon giorno sweet Serena! Glad you are enjoying the collage, thank you for sharing that :)
      Wishing you a Friday & weekend ahead filled with all the happiness you need & wish for!
      xo Iro

  2. Adoro i tuoi collage...hai un gusto meraviglioso!
    Sono contenta di rivederti e ti abbraccio forte.
    Un affettuoso saluto e a rivederci!

    1. aaah this great feeling of figuring out your Italian words yet without google!
      This amazingly warm feeling as you pass by to leave a comment my dear Emanuela... thank you! Gracie! You strong hug has arrived and I say to you a rivederci und auf wiedersehen oder besser auf wiederlesen ;)
      Tight, warm hug from me, too!
      xo Iro

  3. Hi dear friend! Love your adorable collage, and you look stunning! Beautiful eyes, by the way. :)

    1. Hi beautiful { better stunning looking yourself but you know that ;) } lady friend! Thank you for your kind words and passing by. Really glad you are here : )
      xo Iro

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