~ soft beginnings

good morning everyone!
 may this Monday be a soft beginning in this new week!

 having rather a lot on my agenda lately,
making sure that the day - and new week - begins softly,
is a way to reassure that there will be enough "fuel" on the way,
without burning myself out.

I love my work and am recently doing more than before to let you and all out there know
that I'm passionate about it and determined to establish myself as an interior designer 
a stylist / photographer.

Being mostly self taught and learning more and more each time I' m involved in actual projects
is a challenge, often cause I feel the need {or it occassionally exists} to prove myself.

I know well that there a lot of talented people out there, who have been offering their very own view and mark, being able for their work to be memorable and recognisable as something unique.

I also know that as much as I'm loving gettting inspired, as a person my driving force is to discover myself,
and doing that through creativity.
As a matter of fact, this is leading me to create interpretting my own visions
into settings, living  spaces & pictures.

as a styling concept for a client is being developed,
I took a little break from working and...
worked a little more!
...just kidding ; )

all I want to say is that I paused for a while to take some pictures of my breakfast this morning,
as I couldn't resist the creamy & dusty pink colour of my smoothie!

...which happened to be absolutely delicious, energising & refreshing!

the Ingredients:

 ~>  a banana
 ~>  5-6 raspberries
~>  5-6 strawberries
~>  a handfull of a mix of almonds + walnuts
~>  rice milk

How to:
~> first blend the almonds + walnuts to powder
~> then mush + mix the fruit with the milk
~> finally add the nut powder
~> mix again
~> put in fridge 
~> serve in a favorite cup or glass
tip~> using a transparent cup will allow you to enjoy the smoothie's beautiful colour,
allowing for both visual + actual candy ; )

my smoothie was accompanied with a {creme au chocolat} from {Rewe's Feine Welt line},
which btw is such a fine line of products , with a beautiful website - love the golden butterflies! - totally deserving their name.
....affordable luxuries  & a delicatessen just right next our doors...

I love it!

the cremes are not only offered in pretty little glass jars that can be reused after the ingredient has been enjoyed, {much like I did yestereday} but they are also available in various tastes,
sold in sets of two for...0,99 cents!
...told you they are affordable luxuries ; )

 don't you just adore the golden foil?
 oh! do I!

now let's see what else can fit in this post before I have its case closed,
as lots of work is waiting for me
of course the promised celebrative post , where I'd really love, love to have you on my side.
So do stick around today for a little longer than usual, would you?
and bring your best friends over
 would  LOVE to meet them ; )

now speaking about what fits here in this soft mood 
{with lots of hidden energy & power inside ; )}
I think this current collection of items,
picked yesterday from various {chosen etsy shops}
is appropriate...

"just be sure to remember it"...
and she disappeared like a fairy...

hope you enjoy the finds 
are inspired to spend an energising, creative day, in the softest of ways...
 it's almost noon here ~
time for a second breakfast or a snack ; )

c u later ~


  1. stunning pictures ... & i love your writing style. gorgeous chica. have a fabulous week! xx

  2. uuhhh....I never saw these 'creme au chocolat' you are talking about here. I must get myself to a Rewe soon =)

    Lovely post today Iro.

    I'm off to Berlin (!!) tomorrow so I'll see you when I get back - but I surely will see you around here before then ;)


  3. Ohh if only I would have time tohave a beautiful lay out breakfast like this.. my mornings are more like exercising, shower, coffee, toast , mailcheck and running off....

  4. Yes! Yes! Adore the gold foil....great details! :-)

  5. oh i do love your blog!