happy ~ pretty in pink ~ weekend!

Saturday evening, or better the first early hours of Sunday...
rather unsual to be posting at this time,
but so let it be since it's happening...
go with the flow...right? 
; )

I'll share bits of my day, which seem to fall under the colour scheme of dusty pinks, naturals & touches of black.

After making myself a pretty, little notebook to keep my notes inside
 and encourage me to be more organised, while reinforcing my lately failing memory,
 I had a second breakfast, inspired by the lovely post of {my farmer's friend} on her family business newly launched website.
{Citrus Organicus} is a fresh and very inviting place, with a {blog} written in Greek & English.

do you, as much?
I certainly do!
encouraged by Angelica's wholesome drink,
I made a banana & rice milk smoothie, adding some walnuts & almonds, while spinkling with cinnamon on top at the end.

...added the last double chocolate crisp cookies from {Ikea's food department},
poured my smoothie in our new {pink, ceramic, gigantic glasses}
and set off at the veranda together with my new, pretty, mini notebook,
{the cover of which is laminated btw, therefore it fears no spills!}
making notes for the next days & attemping to prioritise

throughout the day, I've been practising in styling & photographing,
other times making arrangements
and other times simply capturing my working surface as it was
or combining the two,
much like in this photo below:

this was taken in the afternoon
-> I made another smoothie, this time using strawberries & rice milk.
I used the glass bottle of a previously bought juice, to store the fresh homemade smoothie in.
and then made a little red fruit bouquet, pinning strawberries, raspberries & sweet cherries 
with wooden sticks.
-> used a glass jar to put them in,
which arrived yesterday together with the baking twine ordered from this {lovely shop}
wrote "take one" on it
and voila!
a little party food styling in a flash

to put together all that has been mentioned, here is what was needed:

the notebook is handstiched with the amazing coloured, waxed threads
brought from Greece.
{here} you can have a better look at them

and below and till the end of the post,
are various shots of all the elements presented

Hope you enjoy!
there's so much on my agenda to be posted
before life goes on too much and some are forgotten...
but I have no worries any more...
my happy planner  is now my right hand, 
promising for better times in time management,
 organisation & priority setting
; )

hope your weekends are delighful ones in every way you wish!
c you here quite soon!

creativity sessions 
 a celebration connected to the {shop} 
with offers, presents & give aways are to follow

 stay tuned or should I say...stay {domestic}? ; )

H a p p y   W e e k e n d !

P.S: the shopping list is written up on Baking Love, a print available {here}


  1. Adorable!
    And I love those empty marmelade glasses ;-)

  2. I will definitely try your "fruit on a stick" next time we are having guests over. I love the idea!!

    Your styling and photos looks amazing as always. Looks like you had a wonderful pink Saturday.

    I hope your Sunday is lovely too :)


  3. I'm so in love with these pictures! <3

  4. I adore the berry sticks! How simple yet glamorous! I am loving these new pink accents, Iro! Thank you for the amazing images - you never fail to make me smile.

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  6. Beautiful!! Thank you for featuring my scalloped kraft seals! By the way, Your blog is amazing! You are sooo talented! Wish you the very best! Thanks!