Dear Santa...

...is it perhaps too early to be writing to you a Christmas list?
Probably and hopefully not.
Now, the items below are only but a few of the hundreds of wonderful ones found on Etsy, this magical world of handmade and vintage goodness.

Don't get me wrong, as I understand how busy you are.
On a first place, I wish for happiness, love and peace, not only for myself but also for my loved ones and the whole world.
Especially the children.

In case there is some extra time after you do your best to bring  the above priceless gifts to the world and me, please keep in  mind, that I'd be more than delighted to receive any of the items below.
For your convenience, here is the link to the collection, so that you can visit individually each and every one of these shops.

Do say about these wonderful shops to your friends (elfs, helpers and reindeers), I'm sure they'd love to pay them a visit!

Now, as I'm aware of the fact that you need glasses when reading, for your convenience, here are some of the pictures individually enlarged.
See how much I think of you?

Are you are as stunned as I have been when discovering all these gorgeousness just by going through my Etsy mail and paying a visit to all the treasuries (more than 20!) that have hosted some of my shop's items the last 11 days I've been off line?

Yes? I thought so that you might like them!
And what about the ones below?
More stunned?
I completely understand.

so pretty,
so unique,
so unusual,
so chic, 
so delicate,
so discrete
and yet 
so hard to forget and so stylish!

Remenber my number one wish about happiness, love and peace for all over the world?
The talented creator who made these apples must have read my mind!
And the word couldn't have been more nicely represented in this card, picturing a vintage globe!

Now before I go, I know that you are looking forward to finding out news about my trip in Greece and the renovation project of the remarkable young teenage boy's room, who is now living in a little bit more of a stylish and functional room than before, without having spent that much, thank's to his parents hiring me to help them.

I'll be preparing  a  detailed post in the upcoming days and let you know when it's on.
Is that a good deal?....for the time being, I'm cathing up with a looong list of wonderful mails and preparing a couple of tiny surprises for some friends.

....oh!.....and am lost in tissues and warm tea to get over the rather ugly cold that I already managed to catch in less than 24 hours back home in Germany.

.....who cares?...I have forgotten all about the trouble, as I had a very special and heart warming welcome from a friend (asides my partner of course)....one that made this a return to always remember.

Curious about who that is?
Just a little patience my dear...trust me...it's worth it, as it's all about a pretty, talented, kind and so thoughtful person...

Have I ever dissappointed you, beside the fact that I might sometimes be a little late?
No?...see?....it will be worth this time, too.

Till then, hugs and kisses, preferrably from away as you must not get the cold!
You have the busiest of days ahead of you!

Always yours faithfully,


  1. I had to pop by after seeing this gorgeous collection on Etsy! It's beauty brought a bit of tranquility to this crazy morning of mine! Thank you so much for sharing. I've been a fan of your work for some time, and this seemed a perfect opportunity to say hello. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Heather,

    thank you for your wonderful comments! I'm very flaterred. Lovely of you to pop by!
    Have a great weekend yourself!

    Best regards,

  3. thanks for popping in so quickly after your return in the cold and rainy Germany... the little apples in your post are really cute as is the reindeer.. I like reindeer's ;)

    Have a good Sunday!

  4. Lovely post my dear Ivy! I'm sure that Santa bring you something special!


  5. @ Ilaria:

    hi my dear! Thank you for passing by and leaving nice comments :)
    I'm sure he'll do the same with you ;)

    you are mostly welcome...adore everything about your blog, posts and interior design!
    I still am in the cathing up process...hope you are spending a nice Sunday.

    Let's stay in touch :)

  6. If you get any duplicates, send them my way. :)

    ♥ Tammy Lee

  7. Hi there...and I was about to mail you!
    ...diplicates?...of course I'll send some your way ;)


    P.S: watch out for that mail

  8. Love your post! have a great tuesday,Maria