~ a basket of happiness...

...facing the crisis...one paper boat at a time...
...well, as you might have guessed I have been busy, like very busy and my trip here, despite being 
quite enjoyable thank's to meeting and spending time with beloved friends,
 is not exactly going as I had planned.
In other words, I still haven't been lying on the beach... 
Something must be rather serious, correct?

Well, being always gratefull for what there is and what we have, rather than what is absent,
let's still do some simple arithmetics, shall we?

1 country in a HUGE economical crisis {actually flirting persistenly with bankrupsy}
1 mother + 1 father who are having a hard time facing their own truths
{therefore withholding it from themseleves and actually their only child, who in this case is their daughter = me}
1 father's pension 30 % reduced
1 minimum mother's pension which has been on delay since ONE year
1 private bussiness {institute of foreign languages} sold for less than half its worth
1 bussiness worth being deposited partialy only monthly cause of the new owner's difficulties
1 mother who is facing difficulty aquiring a new job

EQUAL about 3 paper boat garlands, for about 10 euros each, being sold daily for the next about three years in order to offer support and manage the new standard of living in Greece that my parents have to face.

Possible? ... do not know, still certainly I do hope so.
I simply feel obliged to give it a try.
I understand the amount of work it means, but then I make each and every one of them with enormous Love & Care. So why not?

...and aside from the fact that their whole process is one bringing me joy and happiness, I honestly believe that somehow...someway...they are charms of Love & Luck around our living spaces.

I trust  and would be forever grateful if you took a moment to spread the word and show them to family and friends of yours.
At the moment, they are available on line via Etsy, but I 'll see that soon you are able to purchase them via a plattform that no particular account is needed. Just a "shopping cart" and "buy" button.

If you live in Greece where I currently am, you may send me an email and we'll arrange a meeting. How nice would that be? ;)

The garlands are offered in various combinations of patterns & colours and also prepared for:
~ baptisms
~ marriages
~ parties
~ celebrations
at prices that reflect the crisis that is taking place.

I promise to be more chatty and share more of my current everyday life here soon.
For the time being I'm working every second day at the shoe shop of my dearest girlfriend's husband.
So hip hop hooray, I need to be fiding my way to bed in a while...

...leaving you with a few more pictures of the garlands having been made since this Sunday...
97 single paper boats so far...
...not bad, right? ; )

P.S1: the picture on the top of the post is the "basket of happiness" prepared today and brought to a lovely space for them to be sold...will tell you more all about it soon!

P.S2: am currently rather not interested in the mostly possible occassion that mummy feels a little embarassed and awkward with this post. 
Apollogies on behalf of Miss Truth, which as usual hurts.

....and with a big hug of positivism....
Have a gorgeous Wednesday everyone!


  1. Dear Ivy,
    I am sorry to hear that your family is struggling. Although it doesn't look as if this financial disaster will pass anytime soon, I am hoping for the best.
    I think it's a lovely idea to sell the garlands for them and I will by one tomorrow. Promise.
    Now - off to bed. Good night,
    Hugs from Berlin

  2. Bad news from your family, you are really having a bad time right now... I will show your post on Facebook in order to support you a little . Those paper garlands are really beautiful!
    I wish you a lot of good luck and strength!

    Greetings from Munich


  3. Dear Iro,

    You are a true blessing to your parents. It is always difficult for parents to accept the idea of their children's help - in whatever form that may be. DId you get my email about a custom garland? I would love to help out!

  4. What an incredible spirit you have, devoting your time to helping your parents and your friends while you are there. Wishing you all the best in your worthy endeavors.

  5. Hi Iro,
    Portugal is going through a similar crisis, as you probably know. Things will probably get rough here in a near future. I wish all the luck in the world, and I'm going right now to check you beautiful garlands in your Esty store!

  6. Dear Ivy,

    I hope you and your family will have enough strength for this difficult time.

    Best wishes and kind regards to all of you :)

  7. Iro - my sincerest wishes for everything to work out for the best & healthiest for all of you. with peace - Lgrrl

  8. Dear Iro,
    living in Greece i can only co-sympathize with your parents and just share the thoughts that i have concluded to
    after struggling also with financial difficulties and unbearable sadness for my country.

    We are going to be just fine!
    It sounds simpicit but it's true.

    We are blessed to live in a country where God daily permits us to see signs of His presence and this is already too much.

    I pray your parents and many of the greek people don't lose faith.
    It is lack of hard work and faith that stop "magic" from happening.
    And still faith has to go first before any hard work starts.
    We 've been through much worse and still made it with triumph.
    Why not now?

    As for your garland!
    I love-love-loved it from the first time i saw it here on your blog and will love to have one.
    Maybe i can drop by Glyfada to skip the shipping costs. Will mail you.
    I will post them also in facebook.

    Sorry for the enormous comment.
    (feeling embarassed already)

    All the best for your family!

  9. My heart just sank so deep....I did not realise it is that bad. There is no place for embarrassment here. Could be any one of us. You are an amazing daughter.... and friend....actually a beautiful, authentic and genuine person.....so true to yourself and willing to see the positive side.....the lessons we can learn from you......you wait and see you will come out of this shining so bright...I know the enormous love folded in with each boat......would get them in a heartbeat! Love to you...xx

  10. Thank you all so very dearly for your comments & support in all ways! It has such a positive impact on aquiring strength & courage to carry on.
    I'll have to make the boats {and everything else designed & made by me} available online besides Etsy as well. I'll need to work on that a bit and let you know.
    Marianna my dear, we'll have to make some arrangements at some point in the next few days. Thank you for your support :)
    Wishing you all a great & enjoyable Friday ahead!