~ calm waters...

~ calm waters....
~ troubled waters...
~ life has it all

~ and it's up to us the way we see happenings
~ taking everything as experiences and chances to learn
~ understanding our own selves better
~ making space for understaning others
~ also deciding that we perhaps wish to devote our space and time
 in particular ways,

~ it's the privilege of Choice,
~ and most of us are lucky enough to have it,
~ some of us are brave enough to try to make use of it
~ and a few of us can actually make choices that work for the best of our own well being
and the one of others.

~ I'm in need of making such active choices
and then going all the way supporting them.

...what about you?
have such matters perhaps crossed your minds?
I know it sounds a little vague, but then this is my way of writing when life is persistenly pinching the little philosopher in me...

and then sometimes, I just prefer to not mention everyday life events, 
eventhough I might have promissed to do so.

{do not take this as cheating all right? you are cherished enormously as readers, just keep in mind that prior to all things happening, being true to my own self is my biggest challenge}

...then perhaps my day was simply not so worthy of mentioning,
but let's not forget, there are always the moments...

And to these I'm going to refer right now...
such as yesterday, when I - eagerly and just for a little short while - logged to this little place here,
and read all your responses and comments, right after work of the day was finished.

I literally burst into tears...I'm always rather easily taken by people's kindness, care and all things nice,
but the fact that so many of you react in a way a very good friend would, without actually having met me,
really touches me.

Thank you all so very dearly!

I hope you've spent beautiful days today, or that you at least had a few moments to cherish through out of it.
~ you know with your heart when you had such ones 
 ...and trully they can be the simplest ones of all...

Already Thursday evening here,
wishing us all a loveliest Friday ahead!

P.S: you've got to feel life's magic, when a smiling person {from India or Pakistan perhaps} approaches your little car at the traffic light, asking if he could and actually wanting to clean the front window, despite having clearly stated that there was no change to give him.
You 've got to feel life's magic and some people's effortless kindness, sourcing from deep within, when in the end he thanks you for having allowed him to do the window of your little, unimportant car.
He was just so happy that he could offer something, he could offer all that he could that moment...
and then I drove away smiling and for a short while was intensively happy, not only cause indeed the view from a shiny and crystal clear window is much better and enjoyable, but because actually at that very moment I had met a very important person....and this made me feel lucky and important, too.

If there is anyway that Power should be used, then it is the power of kindness and true care in humanity.
We don't need to cross mountains to do that, we don't need to meditate from morning to night.
We just need to live life every moment, every day and allow to be touched by its mystery and magic.
The only life we get is the one we live right HERE and right NOW.
And I'm quite happy to be sharing these thoughts with you. It makes my now and my here richer.

{Picture: Glyfada's marine, Wednesday late afternoon, sunset approaching}


  1. AMEN!
    Beautiful words. We tend to forget but it's so true. Thanks for these words to finish off my Thursday.
    Can't wait to hang my garland here somewhere soon! ;-)
    Good night
    P.S. chocolate soufflé - absolutely YES!

  2. I'm so glad you are enjoying the posts here Imke!
    Puts a big smile upon my face, just like that : D