~ destination summer

...hello, just a short post with pictures made this Saturday morning,
when I  managed to capture some:
~ tranquillity . . .
~ beautiful light . . .
~ and positive feeling . . .

...amongst a usual heavy and rather nerving atmosphere
no..no...not only due to the general crisis that Greece is facing,
but mostly due to the fact that there is no willingness in accepting
severe mistakes in life attitude and lifestyle from my family's part.

...after having been rather shocked & very, very upset with truths that were {finally & thankfully} revealed,
I'm coming into terms that no, I cannot save my family . . . 
I can certainly try to do my best,
but the one I really need to save is myself . . .
A person that the more I'm getting in touch with, 
the more I understand, respect and actually am comfortable being.

Other than that, wishing you a lovely Saturday and weekend ahead!
I'll be around, so keep an eye on me ; )

....oh! and do watch {this}
W a r n i n g:
~ extreme life sweetness ~  simplicity ~ beauty ~ happiness ~ pure bliss!
~ listen to the voices & look at the faces...

 {Interior design ~ styling & photography credit: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos}


  1. I love your post!
    I have to say how much I love your posts.
    The way you write, sometimes I think you're talking about me:) with the major difference that I do not know to express myself so well:)
    Portugal is also undergoing a major crisis and I have a son with three years, I have to be concerned about the near future.
    But I love the energy you convey and the positivity with which you view life.
    Strength and courage:)

    Have a wonderful weekend and continue shooting. your photos are beautiful!

  2. Thank you for your loveliest comments & good luck with everything Sandra!
    I spent 4 days in Lisbon & Synthra during March and have left with the best of impressions!
    I wish we Greeks can see a good example in your nation about how to handle a crisis.

    Lovely to have you over here :)
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend, too!

  3. Beautiful photos and wise words. I definitely agree that you should put yourself first, because if you're not feeling good with yourself, then you're no help for nobody else...
    I think one of the things that will help the Portuguese going through the crisis is that, overall, we're positive people...
    Have a wonderful weekend under the Greek sun!

  4. Dear Iro,
    I wish you strength and keep up your positive attitude. I am sorry that some hurtful truths were revealed. I hope it's all out in the open now and you and your family can start picking up the pieces. I hope this will make you stronger as a family. It surely will make you a stronger and wiser person.

    I am sick - stuck at home on the couch - outside the most beautiful summer weather. But I have the balcony door open and catch up on my favorite blogs.

    Happy Sunday,

  5. Your home is looking lovely! I hope everything works out with your family, keep positive xx