~ about doing the dishes, practising yoga & the magic side of life...

hello everyone!
 ~ it took me longer than I thought to return here actively posting...
due to a slow as a snail or tortoise {and sometimes failing} connection,
a post or two that I was preparing and intending to share during the weekend were gone...
~ no problem though....there is the right time for everything,
so here I am starting all over again,
having spent relaxing moments this weekend and a nicely busy Monday.

I"m here to wish you a nice start in the new week and share some favorite moments...
To begin with, I understand that doing the dishes is not exactly a fascinating procedure,
nevertheless, I felt real pleasure washing the pretty dishes seen above 
{older than me in years and dating back to my parents wedding} 
last night after a dearest family friend came over.

The best of all, was their sight early this morning as the sunlight sneaked inside the kitchen...

Now, my intention is not really to talk about doing the dishes,
instead about yoga & meditation as a way of life.

Since the very first months I relocated in Germany, I had the extreme luck of meeting an amazing yoga teacher and be participating in her classes at the Volkhochschule in Mainz.

During every lesson, we are always reminded by her gentle voice that yoga & meditation are not {only} about doing a couple of exercises a few times a week or a day.
Neither is meditation only about finding a peaceful place and tuning in to our boby' s natural rhythms and needs, while resting our rushing minds.

Yoga & meditation are actually ways of life, able to happen every single second of time.
Every action can become yoga and meditation, 
so long as we are present, concentrated and allow ourselves to dive in them.

A simple act as washing the dishes can have a relaxing effect on us, when we enjoy the flow of water, the nice smell of the soap and most of all this simply magical process of making something clean.
It can work also symbolically for washing away our frustrated thoughts, stresses and stagnant energy.

...and there is a slight tip into making this and most of simple household everyday chores into enjoyable activities...at least I've found it to be helpful...

~ have just enough
~ have only things that you really love to see & use
~ have things to somehow match with the rest of the spirit you have put your home together.

Luxury and money needn't be present, despite the undeniable truth that money can buy pretty things.
It can't buy you an attitude to life that will allow you to feel bliss though...

So, whether the simplest dish ware from stores such as Ikea,
or vintage, second hand pieces scored at flea markets,
just make sure you really love what you have.
Then loving what you do with them is made easier...

Anyways, let me not keep this post much longer with words...
Below are just some of very favorite moments these past few days,
where the feeling that yoga and meditation can be a part of daily life prevailed.
Simply cause I was deeply involved at the time and actually happily involved...

Above & below is the first custom paper garland prepared for the online shop 
{only direct orders from private clients & friends were made so far}
I enjoyed every bit of the process...
from finding the right colours according to the customer's wishes,
to cutting the papers,
to folding the paper boats,
to sewing them with baker's twine,
 to photographing them
and finally packing them {pictures to come in another post}

I love this wreath made from paper branches which my mother had bought as a Christmas decoration...
It's now permanently standing at the wall rolled in a circle,
symbolising the circle of life and as it reminds a bit of olive tree branches,
symbolising peace as well...

~ when I placed there the paper boat garland this morning to photograph it, 
do you know what came in my mind?
~ the deeper reason {other than earning a living while expressing my creativity}
for which I love making these little boats...

They are a symbol of Peace...
they represent peaceful moments I spent while preparing them
and their aim is to sail around the world in as many places as possible,
bringing a sense of tranquillity and love for life's magical moments...
reminding that beauty lies in the simple things in life
and allowing everyone regardless of economic status 
to enjoy having them.

Speaking of life's magic, the two pictures below, which are totally SOOC 
{straight out of the camera} except for the watermark addition,
were taken yesterday during the afternoon walk I took with the camera being my only company...

I do enjoy moments with myself ...and can hardly think of something better than walking by the sea, watching the sunset, feeling the fresh breeze on my skin, emptying my often busy & frustrated mind, and making space for new energy to come...

...hope you've had at least a couple of wonderful moments this weekend as well...
thank you for visiting this place so often to read 
sometimes share your thoughts in the comments section, too.

I really love writing and posting visual fragments of my life here...
and it gives me a sense of worth and happiness to know that some of you are getting inspired,
are feeling understood, are positively reinforced or simply are finding a tranquil place to pass by a few moments here and then...

Thank you so much for being my readers
c  you  very soon : )

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  1. Beautifully said Ivy.....as they say we can change the world in a second by the way we perceive it.....love that wreath and what it stands for.♥