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                                        hello everyone ~ I'm a little under the weather today...
It seems that I'm in need of reading my own yesterday's {blog post}, reminding myself of my own clarity moments and putting them into practise...

Life in Greece at the moment seems very confusing...there' s a lot of expressed or hidden tension for the whole situation, which actually forces most people to live with much less, when everything is much more expensive. On top of that, a huge question mark seems to wander above the word "future"...
My own family being deeply affected, sympathy prevails from my side.

What is also prevailing as an emotion though, is that I'd prefer to see people {hopefully my own parents first, but I can dream and then please wake me up ; )} have a better understanding of the issue just a little tiny bit more spherically. We are definitely not the only nation that suffers...

As much as we love our country and feel proud citizens of it, we need to understand that we are also part of a  wider community, like European Union and eventually just another nation on this planet.

Lamentations won't bring money, stubbornness won't pay debts & showing a face that really cannot be characteristic of this once so great & honourable nation will certainly not attract people as investors, helpers or even tourists.

Facing in my own family a mentality that I never realised we had, has really shocked me and all I want to do is take the initiative and be myself a good example.
Not in order to actually be a good example, but just because this is the only way for me to survive, pick up the pieces and start building all over again on a solid ground, step by step, enjoying the process.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the meantime, I need to manage my stress levels and take care of my mental and physical health. And I know that this means taking life every day, hour by hour and minute by minute...

A funny arithmetic equation was made on the amount of paper boat garlands in {this recent post}, about how many of them need to be sold daily for the next couple of years in order for my family to be supported.

I hope you don't really think that I'm that naive that I intend on saving the situation only by making paper boats. Good. Cause I'm not. It's just a huge call from life that it is right here and right now, that myself needs to be put together, my abilities & charisma weighed and simply go out there and work getting rewarded till the last cent that is deserved. And I know that everyone loves things & services for free {which I have always been so eager to offer!}, still it is time for me to learn that charity in this phase is helping my own family and my own self.

It has nothing or very little to do with being selfish. It has simply to do with survival. So my dears, as much as putting effort into promoting paper boat garlands might seem unimportant, it is one of the many things that I can currently do and so am I.

With all the love and care that I put into making them, official custom made orders are now open and you can have one - or many more! - specially made for you, with your chosen colour combo.
You can drop me an email here: Ivy_style33@hotmail.com or purchase directly via Etsy {right here}.

As for the rust seen as the blurred background of the image above, it is the project that I' ll be working on these days...it's a secret right now ; )

Will tell you more soon and demonstrate the process. Till then, if you are in the mood of reading tips on how to make a budget friendly art wall with character, you can follow the process in two parts, as shared by me on Ikea Family Live's site {here} {here}.

~ have fun ~ be creative ~ and invest effort in learning to think outside the box....it's worth the tears ; )

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  1. very expressive post, so full of raw emotion I feel like you are sitting right next to me. If you were I would give you a giant hug! xoxo

    ps. loving the boats (and that pic!) and can't wait to see more of the secret project!