~ Mrs Linen Beige meets Mr Gold...

well, it seems that when Mrs Linen beige met Mr Gold, 
despite their tremendous differences,
they clearly fell in love...
and in time found out that they complement each other rather wonderfully

...just a little colour mood board inspiration for today...
...linen beiges, soft grays & altogether natural tones and materials,
paired up with a touch of golden,
for this down to earth, discrete and elegant approach to stylish interiors,
with an air of luxury.

How do you feel about the combinations seen in this post?
What is your colour mood today 
which is one of your ever favorite colour & material combos?
oh, do share!

Above, the {latest treasury} that I curated with finds from Etsy,
portraying a successful and harmonious marriage between 
modern & classic
boldly yet wisely combined materials,
like reclaimed wood & bronze or fine, gold-plated porcelain.

Below, a {collage} of recent pictures made during my stay in Greece,
mostly with scenes shot around Apart 44,
speaking of some of the materials & colours I love to combine.

And here, a {room} I cannot get over, no matter how often I'm taking a look at it...

Finally,  my current home in Germany in the two pictures to come, 
{which I happen to be missing a lot}
put together with a more than tight budget,
an extra reason which makes me kinda proud for the outcome...


...speaking of being proud, I read a relative {post} I really liked last night by Holy Becker at decor8.

As for me, is there something I'm really proud?
well, don't know if proud is the right word,
but I have a lot of respect for the person I'm growing to be
and feel absolutely grateful for the abilities & charisma that were given to me

Now, what's the next step?
~> direct them into supporting my living a life according to the standards I set.

...with the right planning, devoted work & effort, persistence & patience, it shouldn't be that hard, right ; )?


  1. so happy to be visiting this lovely space today

  2. Hi Iro...Finally I found the time to come back hear and read all the post I missed douring the last period (a lot it seams)...as always you are able to let's me see the good side of thing and to develop my creativity.
    When I'm sad for something I come here and soon I start thinking of new things possibilities and way to use my free time and take the best from it.

    I'm sad to hear that you are facing some problems everyday but I rally love how you are brave and always give us some positive view....

    Have a nice day
    A smile (always)

  3. Wow! I love the simplicity and elegance of this place. No one can go wrong with white, beautiful!