Aujourd' hui j' aime... l' amour!

early good mornings everyone!
... almost 2 months ago a post was written here about Morning Sun...
This is a quite spontaneous post put together
on the spot last evening while waiting to be picked up for dinner
and worked on also the last hour or so.

I thought that it would be a lovely treat for these pages,
its most devoted and patient readers in the world,
but also for its author and creator
who has been rather missing
her work here.

So: Bonjour amour!

Amour of all kinds but mostly love for
 the pretty, 
the stylish, 
the inspiring, 
the creative, 
the genuine,
the inspired,
the loved 
the loving ones...

and the patient ones,
the brave ones,
the kind ones,
the sincere ones,
the forgiving,
the warm hearted,
the understanding,
the ones who have known pain and defeat
but never seize to believe in themselves,
in goodness,
in "Das Gutes den Menchen"...

{so said a mostly lovely old lady I met last week, ready to set off on her bicycle
bringing home flowers, while mine was parked next to hers,
carrying also a bouquet of white lilies ready to bloom,
from our local grocery store.
She noticed I was considering leaving them
in my bicycle's basket unattended,
when going in to that other shop to purchase some more of the
lavender that I have been planting in our veranda.

I left, stood for a sec, looked back
and then thought,
"oh come on, who's gonna steal flowers!"
and even if someone does,
good for them!
They'll bring flowers home.
But actually no person who
 has the sensitivity to bring flowers home would ever steal some other 
person's flowers.
When personally asked, 
I would gladly offer them to someone.

Making a short story, that only lasted but for a few minutes,
the slim, white haired lady looked at my flowers,
looked at me
and with the kindest eyes
and an encouraging, wise voice said:
believe in people's goodness...
"Glauben Sie in das Gutes den Menchen"

German language can be so magnificent,
so descriptive, so strong...
poetic, too.

But in that case it didn't matter at all which language this lady was speaking.
She was speaking from experience,
from life experience where the mind and the heart
are one.

I felt blessed to have crossed her way
was instantly in love... how could I not!
went in...
purchased some more baby lavender for 
almost 50 cents each
and returned to my bicycle
where the lilies were also awaiting
to get some water and a place to rest.
Off I was cycling through the pretty neighborhoods 
and the woods on my way back home,
feeling as happy as if I had won the lottery}

well, after having written this parenthesis,
I start feeling that this could actually be the essence of this post
but anyway, let's return to our tangible, materialistic
world and its pleasures 
; )

I'm sharing here today some of the inspiration gathered recently while on Pinterest,
where one can virtually meet with amazingly talented people,
like designers, stylists, you, and you... and you...
and me (since I'm... shamelessly bragging about myself,
come and follow my inspiration boards!)
people with impeccable and quite personal taste,
people who live to experience this life 
in a beautiful way.


1. Thank's to Stylizimo's loveliest Nina Holst, I stumbled upon this fabulous way to wear
a pair of black skinnies, or else black, tight, jean like trousers.
I love this styling cause it can be worn comfortably from morning to night,
discretely drawing attention, while feeling simply fabulous
                                                       in the most elegant and natural of ways.

2. Then, thank's to decor8's (you must have already seen the new super pretty blog design!)
 brilliant Holly Becker, I familiarized myself with this
all featuring mind blowing (to me) patterns.
{If Santa Claus is interested in early gifts, just send me a mail, I'll give you our address ; )}

3. Then, thanks to the pinterest suggestions in my mailbox, I was lead to follow
Boom! You know the feeling when someone's etiquette style has so much in common with yours,
that her choices are just a perfect illustration of your craziest ever images?
Yes, indeed.
So I ended up in this lovely Scandinavian blog of a super gorgeous home,
where a nice family lives in and about which I recently read about
in one of the few German design magazines that usually come to our home.
What a lovely marriage between modern & retro,
white and wooden details,
simplicity but not too much minimalism,
a marriage of love with more love for 
all the essence that home carries!

4. And as lately there is a lot of baby action going on,
baby &children spaces  are occupying some
of my creative projects.
h&m's home-line is always a great source to find
adorably affordable items.
Much like Mr Fox in his pointy shoes,
ready to fly while dancing
and a few other
cute things which you can find
on my pinterest board.

Hope you' ve all been well!
Thank's so much for coming here, reading & sharing.
till next time

sweet smiles + kind regards
yours truly

P.S: having mentioned in the post's beginning the Sun,
there is no doubt sun, sunshine and natural light are so important for our well being,
an issue that has been concerning me lately

Would you mind sharing your opinion in the comments section?

If your current financial state was such that finding a place to live in
featuring all the characteristics you wish
was a rather complicated matter,
what would you be willing to sacrifice:

1. some square meters. 
2. the amount of natural light that shines inside your living areas.

I tend to believe that people who look for natural light in their living environments
will be also concerned in leading an enlightened life.
What do you think?

There is scientific evidence that natural light enhances health, mood,
cognitive abilities and creativity,
obviously supporting people's desire to live a joyful, successful
fulfilling and happy life,
while living in dark places which get very little or a poorly 
amount and quality of natural light
is correlated with exactly the opposite.

I hold the opinion that some notions cannot be measured the usual way.
I'd avoid choosing a large place over a smaller place,
having to compromise the amount of natural light
that happily strolls inside my home dwelling, my abode.

In German they say, "Klein aber fein"...
"Small but nice"
Thanks to good interior design planning,
even small places have such many possibilities,
resulting in clever solutions and a multiplication
of the actual square meters.

In case you cannot on your own,
 do get yourself a capable and experienced interior designer handy
and set of to choose the sunniest place you could ever get!

Remember that size and money isn't ALL that matters.
Money is a valuable asset, useful in clever hands and minds.


  1. Klein aber Fein-I love that Iro! I'm so glad to have been introduced to your very beautiful blog. I really look forward to following it! :-) Caroline

    1. Thank you Caroline, nice to meet you and be introduced to your picture wonderful blog, too!
      Kind regards and wishes for a lovely weekend-

  2. Lovely post dear Iro :)

    Your story about the lady and the bike and the flowers has made me smile from ear to ear. I enjoy reading about these charming little moments, a la Iro!

    I love all your inspirations you've gathered here today. Mr. Fox especially! Babies are surrounding my life too lately ... must be the season I guess. Or else, someone is trying to tell us something ;) ha!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend Xx.

    ps. I think you know that I would sacrifice square meters before natural light every single time :)

    1. You enjoying the story makes me so happy :)
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments and helping out in the question section. Yes, indeed, when speaking of your choices I wouldn't have a single doubt of what your choice would be. You are a light seeking designer and enlightening attracted soul after all ;)

      Happy weekend Holly!

  3. I'm so glad you're back to posting! I would go for natural light, of course! I'd rather live in 100 square meters facing south than in a huge 300 square meter triplex facing north...

  4. Hello darling! Lovely to have you back, writing! BIG hugs and XXX!!

    "believe in people's goodness..."
    "Glauben Sie in das Gutes den Menchen"

    Been doing that all my life. Sometimes to the point of naivety! :-)I leave front doors unlocked, leave handbags on the table to order food at a counter. The most ridiculous thing I did was when I was a student in Wales where I stayed in a student house. During the Christmas holidays the other five students who were locals went back home for the weekend. My room was at the top floor of a three floored townhouse. I had a German friend coming over to visit me and was afraid I may not be able to hear the doorbell from my room.(no handphones then!)I put my front door key in an envelope and stuck it on the front door so that she could open the door and let herself in! Thank God she come in and not some intruder but she did give me a long lecture on safety and what a stupid thing I did! I guess I have now learnt to be a little wiser but I still cannot help but believe in people's goodness...it comes so naturally to me...have been told I live in a fairy tale land! I am always grateful though that the universe has been keeping me safe....

    Now light or space?? In a tropical country light is everywhere all day all year round that we take it for granted. In fact during thunderstorms or heavy rainy days when it is not so bright, it is kind of cosy to be huddled up at home with warm glowing lightbulbs reading, chatting or doing some baking! :-)

    Again Ivy, lovely to hear from you! XX

  5. I can imagine you biking home with a smile on your face.. it are those little moments called happiness;)
    x desiree

  6. Aaaw. I have a picture in my head now of you on a bike, with a beautiful wicker basket full of flowers. Idyllic! Hope you have had a lovely weekend with lots and lots of sunshine. I had a wonderful day in London today meeting great local bloggers. Hope I get to meet you one day as well :)

  7. I just want to say that I recently found your blog (via Ikea family Live) and I love it! you have a lovely style, and your photography is gorgeous. I'm enjoying scrolling through your past posts too. :-)

  8. On the light versus space issue, I would rather have light than space, a bright airy space can actually feel much bigger then it is any way, you could have a huge space light very poorly, so yes I would have light and lots of it, natural of course.

  9. What a wonderful blog you have! Love the photos (black skinnies with heels, always a winner) and I'm always a fan of anything geometric. Thank you for the tips too.

  10. Hi, Iro,
    where are you, my sweet friend? Are you in Greece?
    I miss your lovely pictures and your chic style!
    Big hugs for you, my dear, from Montevideo

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  12. Sabes?? Me encanta tu blog!!
    te sigo , soy seguidora incondicional
    si te apetece pasarte por mi blog eres bienvenida : )


    Besos !! : )

  13. Ich wünschte ich könnte meine schwarze Skinny auch endlich mit Pumps tragen ...

    Liebe Grüße

  14. Where are you Iro-Ivy? Did your blog move?
    would love to catch up with your postings, photos and thoughts!