Crafting bliss ~

...you know, us who love crafting, do so not only about the craft itself,
but also all that it involves...
~ the materials
~ the colours
~ the possibilities
~ the excitement
~ the search
...as much as the actual creative process

and then the cups of coffee or tea while crafting always have a different taste....
~ a richer one
~ a sweeter one
~ or a more spicy one
~ whichever the case,
~ a flavour we never forget...

there is so much intellectual & emotional activity involved in crafting & creating 
hard to compare with anything else...

Pictures from my crafting {and photography of them} sessions
1st ~> today in Greece at {Apart 44}
with materials found in Athen's mystic corners
2nd & 3rd ~> this winter at my beloved {home & studio in Germany}

...hope you've had a lovely weekend and thank you all dearest friends of mine and regular readers,
as much as newcomers and passers-by for every kind comment that you leave.
It means a lot to me ~ Thank U!


  1. Wow - I clicked the link through to your flickr page and I love,love,love the photo of the 'double sitter' @ apt44!!! I feel like I'm just about to fall into it!

    I miss Athens - you're lucky to be there! Have a wonderful time exploring its mystical corners :D

  2. Hi Tracey, thank you so much for coming over and your lovely comments!
    Many warm regards from Athens to you...and the double sitter ;)

  3. I think creating a blog post is pretty crafty too ;) Looking for pictures over and over to finally come to a few ones you like most . thinking about words .. sitting back nipping coffee... and re looking the post ;)
    Stay safe there miss Iro

  4. hi ivy, just strolling a little around here... as i can see you keep creative and busy and high spirited even when more trouble times are around, that's so brave and tough! i hope things get better soon for you, family, also for greece in general!

  5. Hi! Thanks for sharing your crafts and creative ideas to us. You are making a lot of people happy with your yummy photos and inspirational posts :) Thumbs up!

  6. Desire dear lady, creating a blog post was absolutely included in my mentioning of creative processes! ;)
    Claudia, so lovely to see you here : ) Thank you for all your kind comments and wishes!
    ..and to whomever is behind the firm Home Lighting, thank you for this and all your wonderful comments! Great to have you over here :)

  7. Yes....am one of those people you are making happy.....love to your mum....x