~ back to simplicity + the joy of simple luxuries

hello on this more cloudy that it should be Tuesday!
hope you are all doing fine!
I have very much enjoyed your recent visits and comments, 
therefore despite time being a little squeezed these days,
here I am posting a little again...; )

...have I by any chance mentioned that besides...
~ making paper boats,
~  photographing spaces previously designed and decorated by me here in Greece
{in order to build a detailed portofolio}, 
~ sporadically organising shoes & pretty bags for a shop, 
~ engaging in various decorating, painting & organising projects around Apart 44, 
~ I'm also helping my mother build a home based business selling her heavenly made chocolates & other unique sweets?

Much like these ones below...

Are you already drooling?
Oh we certainly hope so!

If you are a resident of Athens, where I'm currently visiting, then you may contact me by email and all precise information about accepting orders, prices and delivery or picking up service will be provided to you.
International shipping is currently under examination.

In the meantime, do accept a treat from me...

all packaged by my hands,
using nothing else but lots of love, care, baking paper, baker's twine
& special labels made from delicious looking pictures of my etsy shop,
all supporting the moto:

~ B A C K   T O  S I M P L I C I T Y  ~

...can you think of anything more enjoyable than being able to appreciate and enjoy the pure luxury of the simplest things in life?

Here, luxury is made an everyday and approachable to many story ; ) 

How is that for an idea for you?
would love to hear you out!