~ a visit in Athens...

....so my dears, finally made it to steal some mostly needed time to myself, relax, swim and enjoy the precious company of my companion, who happened to join me for a couple of days in Greece.

It is the nicest present I could have ever received and it coloured this stay of  mine in Greece,
with lots of positivism and happy feelings.

Just right on time when I was tremendously missing my German home, its most important part came to me....and I'll be flying back in just a couple of days : )

Other than relaxing at the summer house beloved and super kind friends of ours gave to us, 
we also made a short visit down-town in Athens....

and below are fragments of this walk....
unlike me it is to be posting pictures of myself one after the other,
but have really enjoyed being photographed by this special person behind the lens
and actually like how they turned out

so here we go!

~ taxi! ...you may go...we don't need you....we'll walk instead...

~ on a roof top with Acropolis in the background...

~ should  we be staying here, we'd put his little vintage, minty green Vespa Baby together and ride it along the beaches all the way to Sounio....

~ Avyssinia's square....a usual Sunday flea market adventure, quite calm and empty visited on a weekday's afternoon though...

~ vibrant colours on {almost} demolished walls...

~ one of the many adorable stray dogs of Athens...

~ spotted a French book, only to remember that I'm still learning German and need to be focusing on that...

~ in love....obviously...with photography ; )

...whatever you do...be sure to have somebody & something to love ; )

Photo credit: JCN for Domestic Stories with Ivy 2011 {all rights reserved}


  1. lovely pictures! Athen is such a great city, hughs Anja

  2. Hello dear Ivy,

    good to see you happy and relaxed. What a nice ending of your trip to Greece.
    Enjoy the last days there. Germany will welcome you with summery temps.

    Love Imke

  3. Hello gorgeous! You look great, good you posted them, you definitely deserve it. That must be some really special photographer :). Love seeing Greece in the background, too.

  4. Wunderschöne Bilder sind das! Du siehst toll aus!
    Liebe Grüße,

  5. Oh WOW! What amazing pictures! How lucky to have your friend capture you for a change, and that last B/W pic is wonderful. Have fun, skinny mini (how do you eat chocolate souffle and look fantastic too?)

  6. hello you! you look great! i really like these photos of you. hope to meet up soon. lots of love! a.

  7. Hey pretty ladies! Thank you very much for your super lovely comments on this post and pictures! Big smile :D
    @ Imke: looking forward to being welcomed dear ~ thank you and take care, xo
    @ Simone: must be a special one, you got it right Simone ;)
    @ Sofie's haus & Yvonne: danke Euch beide fuer die wuenderschoenen Kommentaren :)
    @ Jo: thank you so much for your kind words Jo!...perhaps all can be blamed to a good metabolism and an ever creative spirit ;)
    @ Angelica: thank you lovely girl! Would love to meet up these days, too. We'll call each other :) Sleep tight, xo

  8. What a lovely photo excursion. I especially like that last one of you with your camera, it really captures your curious spirit.

  9. Hi, Ivy. These are lovely pictures of you in Athens.I love your style - simple but chic. I also am hooked on your home decorating style. Cheers!

  10. Oh my oh my! Mister came to visit! That is so amazing and he took all these lovely photos. Thoroughly enjoyed this post and the pics. You're just beautiful =)

  11. Holly, thank you so much lovely person!...looking forward to our meetings over tea and cookies & new {more productive from my side} sewing sessions!

    Sylvie, thank you very much for your nice comments. I think we have the same favorite picture of this session ;)

    French rose, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm honoured you feel this way :)

  12. Hello Iro,
    I love to follow you on Flickr and your blog, but I have never commented.
    Beautiful photos from you, Athens and Acropolis.
    Some years ago, I was in your country and some islands on holidays, and it was really super.
    Beautiful country, indeed.
    Compliments from Lisbon/Portugal.

  13. Hello Helena :)
    it is lovely to know you are following my posts here & on flickr and enjoying them. Thank you for your kind words. Regards to you in Lisbon, which I trully love and visited this spring.