what's on your mind?

well my dears, 
 seeing your response in the {latest post}
has been again just so heart warming,
so thank's a lot!

I don't know about you, but I love handwriting
{thank's mum for teaching me calligraphy from the very early years}
and the whole aspect of forming letters in order to communicate
a certain point is kind of ingenious, isn't it?
however for granted 
we might be taking it

I mean, can you imagine life without written speech?
the impact it has in our lives?

do you sometimes wonder how life was before certain inventions?
oh but please, do not mention Internet,
as it has really become a cliche... 
and as far as I' m concerned,
life was still nice before internet, despite its numerous amazing indeed applications,
{writing a blog being one of them, ahem, ahem}

somehow I sometimes get the feeling that
not far are the days that people will be avoiding
being online, tired of being over connected,
overexposed themselves
over bombarded by advertisement and promotion techniques

yes, I know so far we call them social media,
but really who are we kidding?

how many "pages" can we really like and actually follow their updates,
still having quality time to ourselves
 still being able to experience true calmness, relaxation
and this wonderful feeling described in
the German language as " Wohl fühlen"?
{feeling complete}

how many acquaintances can fit in our FB account,
filed under friends?

sometimes being online starts feeling like watching a favorite film
on a rather bad national T.V channel,
interrupting every little while for advertisements,

honestly how much stimuli can fit our brain capacity
and then
how many hundreds of things can we actually like?

since FB was invented I believe the word LIKE
to have totally lost its original meaning.

we may hit the "like" button in fractions of a second,
which is rather too fast for any real connection
to be established in our minds
between what we actually saw and what we really like

personally I don't need any kind of reminder
 for the things I like,
and the same goes for the people I like

exactly because I like them,
parts of their personality and way of life influence my thinking

then "hell might freeze"
they will be still remembered, respected and in some cases also loved.

and to make this a little more personal,
if you forget about this blog, my work or me,
because I do not remind you a few times a day,
every day, 24/7,
then may it be that you forget about it!

it means that other things are more important for you
and that is quite all right.

I do though have the impression that quite a few of you here,
always remember these pages,
even perhaps have them in a pretty, little corner in the back of your heads, 
regardless of the exposure I try {or not} to bring

and then I feel very, very honored...

cause who saw a breathtakingly beautiful woman
 and forgot her after she disappeared?
 who met kindness and never recalled it again?
 who read magnificent poetry and forgot their favorite lines?
 who entered a magical place and forgot about it
 because they never returned or heard about it

this blog might not be a breathtakingly beautiful woman,
or a poetry book,
it might be no palace either

but of anything that it might be, it is the truest expression of who I am
and developing into being each day

and I think this to be carrying a significance of its own

so, I hope that you come back and check new posts from time to time
as much as perhaps returning to reading some of your favorite previous posts
around here


and how about seeing together a couple of {my favorite prints} of meaningful quotations
styled by Lotta Agaton, the work of which I truly admire?

it'd be great if you shared which ones are your favorites
and why
I'll do the same in the comments section,
after yours though ; )

"It's the small things that make the big things happen"

I mean, really, even when we sometimes go through these self love periods
and we feel that somehow we might be a little bit fabulous in our ways,
so what?

there are just countless fabulous people out there...

and how true is this... rephrased to:
"the world is but a mirror of ourselves"


and then,
familiarizing ourselves with fear 
can perhaps be the most liberating 
experience of our lives... 

at least when I stopped ignoring my fears
and starting facing them,
they immediately begun loosing all of their glory....

have your tried showing your teeth to Mr Fear?
ha!... then you'll see who's scared....
just like an elephant scared of a tiny mouse, 
 only to realize that the poor little "thing" 
cannot actually do much harm to him

and after all that, in the end of the day...
 what is more heartwarming,
 soul soothing & mind relaxing 
than saying 
 to this one special to you person:

i love you...

have a lovely evening my dears
till next post!

all images of prints by Therese Sennerholt, styling by interior stylist Lotta Agaton


P.S: in case some might be offended by the seemingly unkind messages of some sentences, my apologies, please do not take it personally. This is just a general post.


  1. Well, dear Iro, if the impression you make burns deep enough into the soul, you will not be forgotten. So of course I will not forget you or your lovely blog, and will return here, to read, to be inspired, to say hello once in a while.
    And my favorite quote is about the little things that make big things happen. Little drops of water make a big ocean, right?
    x Iris

  2. Great impressions again! I already copied a few phrases :)
    Your blog is such a spring of inspiration!!!

  3. well...I think that everything cover a period of our life. As I told you both in comment and by mail your blog it's a calm place for me where I soon can find a smile coming in my face, where I can find peace when I have some problem with my internal stability. You know that something I read hear stay in my mind (I never ask if you received the mail with the door photo I sent to you some thime ago, I hope so).
    About what you ask...well it's not in the series but "this is not and ordinary notebook please fuck the to do list and create something magic doodling or write an epic love letter. It is a beautiful day and you are too gorgeous to be doing boring stuff" really made me smile.
    then I think that the two that real fit what I want to read to help me everyday are:
    -"we don't see thing as they are, we see thing as we are" cause it help me to understand that peace and love are not outside but inside us
    - "on the other side of fear lies freedom" cause it helps me to understand that fear don't help you to go anywhere.

    Well...in order to you to have a link with my e-mail account I'm Dora (Nailo it's the nick I used years ago to open my blog)
    Have a nice day all

  4. "Please fuck the to-do list"
    Nice post! :-)

  5. Thank you for your comments my dears Iris, Kiki, Dora & Christina :)

    About lists, I must say that I am writing down things in lists, too. Or at least I have been a very enthusiastic list maker. Lately I notice that the things that really matter are done anyway, whether that is written down or not.

    That excludes lists that involve bigger or smaller projects involving my work, such as a room make overs or house renovations. Then, off course there is a detailed step by step plan.

    It's the daily to do lists I'm recently writing less often.

    As for the quotes, I guess they all have a special meaning to me, therefore I chose to present them here.
    Perhaps the last one is the most significant.

    Thank's again for sharing along and the support. It's great to be with you here.

    Wishing you a great Friday & weekend ahead!