~ decisions and the role of heart + mind + soul

hello everyone,
  hope you are doing really well...
 it seems that everytime I try to plan more frequent posts here,
life gets in the way,
and then there is either limited time to come here, share and write
or the choice of staying off line is made.

oh my! off line... I know {big wide open eyes}... could even sound like a disease nowdays, right?!
all is fine, do trust me, as my personal well being
& the one of those I care and surround me
is my main priority

and this includes respecting very much these pages
as a conlcusion each one of you,
who take a moment or a few around here

I'm really so happy for the quality of the posts, as I did spend some time reading
the recent ones, showing on the left bar as your favorites this week,
{the opening pictures of which are also making up the collage above}

...and it is a promise that these qualities will remain intact,
even when the sponsoring program will soon begin,
under a concept rather new & slightly different,
which allows me to keep on spending
time here,
while earning a living

now how about me taking a breath for a while,
letting you see a picture for a change?
; )

just a simple shot of yesterday's breakfast,
  just because...
 I love breakfasts,
 especially served in front of our apartment's huge window,
looking at the rooftops of neighbouring houses,
while being somewhere in the sky
 just because I'm simply so happy to prepare it almost daily 
for him & me...

{yesterday's breakfast ~> a mixture of branflakes, blended walnuts to spingle with, 
milk & banana milkshake}


I love the fact that I can go up to the bedroom area,
look down
snap a shot of our dining table,
catching some first sunrays,
shining through...

i know most of you love breakfasts as much, right?


anyways my dears,
it's time to ask your help with something
that has often been occupying my thoughts lately...

I would like to know, how do you make big decisions in your life?
do you listen to your gut feeling?
do you only rely on logic?
do you combine mind, heart & soul?

are you connected to that little voice inside?
have you learned to tell apart butterflies that are connected to excitement
to those ones being a warning,
that perhaps, or quite possibly,
something is fishy,
something might not be a wise decision in the end,
promoting happiness, adundance & health?

I'd so much appreciate if you took a moment to share here...
your contribution will be very much cherished

have the loveliest of days
see you soon
{no promises about frequency of posts, as I trully dislike breaking them!}


  1. Geia sou Iro!
    As always, I love your post & photography. A delight for mind & eyes. Regarding your question: I think that I do what most people do (or am I wrong?): I listen to my inner voice, spend some mindful time pondering the logical consequences, pros and cons and try to combine both for a better feeling & understanding of whatever option or step might be ahead. Then I also go to my close ones (family above all & partner) and ask for a second, third opinion. To get the exterior view that can sometimes be so surprising (self-perception, outsider's-perception). With these inputs I try to take the right decision in life. Plus I strongly believe that things happen for a reason. I often encountered the situation that finally I couldn't pursue a certain way I so much wanted - but then, suddenly a new and even better opportunity opens up. Just my thoughts:-) Filakia, Igor

  2. Lovely blog! I´ll be back;-)

  3. beautiful pics as always :)
    i started to really listen to that small voice. and to my gut feel. and only move if i have peace within me.
    have a wonderful day

  4. Good morning Iro! Interesting words here, and beautiful images as always ;) I am thinking about your question...As a believer of balance in all things (at least I strive for that but it's easier said than done, of course), I think the answer lies in paying attention to both (your gut and your logic). To consider them carefully. The one with the best argument wins. Or better yet, devise a solution that incorporates both... Also, like Igor has said, asking the opinions of surrounding people may also be valuable to throw into the mix of factors to consider. Sometimes, people see things in a way we wouldn't. hmmm.... still, big decisions are hard to make. One thing I try to never allow, is to be lead by fear. To me, fear is the worst sort of motivator and never leads to good decisions.

    Wishing you a happy day and clear and purposeful decision making Xx.

  5. Hi Iro, I'm always here also if somethime I do not comment...
    I'm a very rational person and I think a LOT....too much (as all my friends say). During the past year I tried to take more decision with gut but I'm not so "easy" as I would...I have to improve more...I want to be more peaceful and able to see the beauty everywhere and to catch the positive side of life :)
    Have a nice day full of light

  6. Hi sweet friend! Your posts are always jaw dropping and inspiring! While I know that there are many people who would think it's silly, when I have a big decision... or even a smaller one... I pray about it. I really believe that God speaks to our hearts if we will listen. Best wishes and hugs from Copenhagen!

  7. An awesome collection. I am happy to find you and blog. Best wishes from Berlin, MiMa

  8. Big decisions are always made by first thinking how it will affect my family - my husband and my children. My main priority is my family. As much as I love photography and browsing through beautiful blogs like yours, if it damages, in anyway, my family life I stop.
    There has to be balance in everything, but I think generally I follow my gut, what I feel deep inside, it guides me, I know if something is wrong I get a bad feeling and I steer clear.
    And, you know, what is right for one person will be completely wrong for another, but noone lives your life except you, so do what YOU feel is right.
    You seem like a lovely person Iro, even though I have never met you, I am sure you will make the right decisions in life.
    Vanessa xxx http://blissfullights.blogspot.com

  9. Iro, your blog and photos are amazing!!!
    keep up the good work :)