writer - stylist - photographer - decorator: looking for a job

...the title being rather self explicative, let me still ramble a bit, all right dear all?
...so, one of the things I love about being part of Etsy community is the ability to curate treasuries.
What are treasuries? Lists of 16 products from different sellers, put together {hopefully!}
harmonically in order to promote their work and support each other in this vast society of artisans, crafters & designers.

For me personally, it's a nice & practical way to exercise my abilities in combining things together.
Each time a collection is put together not only are such aspects as colour, mood and style taken into consideration, but actually I try to picture a whole space or an event where the choices made would compose a harmonious, serene, stylish and pretty total.

I have grown up reading decoration magazines and begun as soon as I was 16 to invest my pocket money in building step by step a classic, yet contemporary library of decoration and interior design books. Their pages have grown into me....after all, 20 years is a rather long period, as much as I'm pinching myself in order to realise how they passed and my current age...hello girl!...you are no longer 25!

The more the time passes by, the more I practise, the more I see the easiness with which I put spaces together....and by this I mean actual spaces, in real life.

I'm finding making treasuries an effective way to keep my eye sharp, while being also informed about what is going on in the rich chambers of Etsy.

Perhaps it would be wise of me to post here openly that I'm currently looking for a regular job on a magazine 
{both printed and on line}
As a writer, photographer, interior stylist and decorator.
In case you are considering making a proposition where a regular payment is not included and are still willing to offer the opportunity of collaborating with you,
I will have to thank you but decline.

At this point, the quality of my work and the capability of my mind to style and create spaces whether virtually or in real life require to be rewarded in a the traditional kind of way.
With a pay check.

So, please be so nice as to contact me at:
 in case you feel that we share some understanding. I would love to hear from you! Or if any of you lovely & supportive readers have heard something, I would so much appreciate it if you whistled it to me!

Thank you dearly in advance and leaving you with the links to two of my latest curated treasuries

Click on the links below to be taken directly to the shops where the items are offered and...enjoy!
Have a delightful evening and c u pretty soon around this place!


  1. Good luck, dear Iro.
    I would hire you in a heartbeat if I was an editor-in-chief. ;-)

  2. Good luck from me also! This is the only blog I follow daily - you have true gift for making simple things seem amazing, and to me, your blog is like taking a deep breath and truly exhaling.

    I have also read design books from a young age, yet my attempts at treasuries look like a dog's breakfast..lol. True style is inherent...it just is. You have it, in spades!

    I can't wait to see what the world has planned for you next.

    Love from Australia ;)

  3. I totally agree with the comment above mine!
    And will be sending you all best wishes for a fresh start.
    I can't wait either to be reading here all the great stuff you are about to do!

  4. Good luck! I would hire you too! I truly hope you get a good, well payed job soon! You certainly deserve it!

  5. Best of luck with the search. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :-)

  6. you go girl! you know you're worth it ... I do too xoxo

  7. Thank you all so very much for your wishes & encouragement!
    You wouldn't know the huge difference you are making by sharing these thoughts of yours here with me.

    Imke, Jo, Marian, Holly you are such wonderful friends!
    Rita & James all the way to India, you are such wonderful supportive readers!
    Thank you :)
    All my best of wishes for all of your plans & wishes to come true, too.