~ crafting Saturday's shots + a winner!

so the time has come, for the winner to be announced,

but before, I'd like to thank with all my heart
all people, readers & friends,
who took part in this celebration,
honouring me and my efforts by
leaving a comment on {this} post
 some of you being so incredibly lovely,
so as to share with your friends

it is important to mention, that no notifying mails were sent
via FB, etsy or flickr,
had this been the case,
perhaps many more would have turned up!

still,  as this 1st year blogiversary was a kind of a birthday
I just wanted that you show up voluntarily 
: )

and I thank you all kindly for doing so!

1. Natalie ~ 2. Sara ~ 3. Joanna ~ 4. the lady behind "Some kind of Style" ~
5. Vanya ~ 6. Desire ~ 7. Tiene ~ 8. Holly ~ 9. Meiki ~ 10. Jenny
11. Katia ~ 12. Madhu ~ 13. Nina ~ 14. Claudia  ~ 15. Lau ~ 16. Signe ~
17. Cindy ~ 18. the lady from Turkey behind "cafenohut" ~ 19.  Vale ~ 
20. the lady behind "Cappello a bombetta" ~ 21. Nadine ~
22. Rita ~ 23. Juliette ~ 24. Barbara ~ 25. Marian ~ 26. Nelou ~ 27. Gabrijela ~
28. Iris ~ 29. Ilaria ~ 30. Kristi  ~ 31. Marilena ~ 32. Nika ~ 
33. E from Portugal ~ 
34. Nikole

it has been wonderful reading your comments!
Thank you once more for taking part ~
among you,

the lucky winner is: 


#16 ~> Signe, the person before this lovely & new to me blog ~>

Congratulations Signe!

your special Goodie bag will be getting prepared according to your wishes 
be shipped to you on the 22nd of this month.

apart from the official give away's winner,
there's another sweet person who is a winner,
 as she had been the 200 reader to be following this blog....

  and back then I promised her that she can choose a print from the shop as a little reward...

dear Nelou, a great photographer yourself, you may let me know via email
which print you prefer!

Nelou's page can be found {here} & her newly opened, lovely Etsy shop

leaving you with a few shots from my recent crafting Saturdays
which involved packing some orders....

more here very soon
of course back to my efforts in posting all I wished for 
have been planning for this month!

love to you

P.S: I'd love to have linked every name to your online places,
but it would take ages to write this post. However it is my intention to do it at some point & will notify you


  1. I am so happy to have won your amazing giveaway :)
    And thank you to Nina that tipped me off about it!


    Hugs and a happy Wednesday to you, I'll send you my adress in a mail :)


  2. Congratulations to the winner! I'm sure that she will love your Goodie bag:)
    And I wish you continued success...

  3. i am late to the party Iro .. but my well wishes are none the less sincere ..happy one year of blogging beauty always!!

  4. oh thank you so much, very exciting!!! and a big congrats to the other winner as well :)

  5. Congratulations to the winner! I discovered your blog via Signe and just love it!
    Have a great Thursday.

    Sweet Chili:)

  6. Congratulations to Signe! I´m so glad that she is the winner :) The sweetest girl.., and I love her blog <3

    Have you sent the photoes that I bought, btw? I haven´t gotten them yet... Can´t wait :)

    Have a HAPPY day, dear
    xo, Nina