~ all about elegance... {discussion board}

good evening everyone & thank you for nice comments as always,
on the previous posts, such as this one

I don't know about you,
but for me personally, apart from mental & physical health,
love and enough food on our table,

elagance and all it brings together with,
may it be style, taste, quality of living, manner of speaking,
maner of thinking,
moving, eating, dressing, keeping our homes,
or choosing how & where to invest some money
is a very important factor in life.

having being raised in a rather wealthy suburb of Athens,
despite my parents simply having chosen for us to have a house there,
mainly for the quality of living next to the sea and away from a busy, loud city center,
still always close enough to cultural facilities, 
and this without neccessarily meaning that we could follow 
the "rich" standard of life of most of our neighbours,

there are a few things about true style & elegance that
seem to have accumulated over the years,
forming my opinion
about what is trully stylish & what not

here are some words and notions that go together with elegance {remember, for me personally}

     being ~

 ~ discrete ~
~ down to earth ~
~ open hearted but not naive~
~ approachable but not over available always & for everyone ~
~ kind ~
~ non provoking ~
~ sufficient ~
~ balanced ~
~ self concious ~
~ original ~
~ non snobbish ~
~ informed but not over exposed to the media ~
 ~ classic but not boring or worn out ~
~ wisely spending, investing & donating ~

...ok... perhaps I could be writing forever,
when infact I'd also like to hear what you think of elegance to be,
while you also take a look at some choices gathered together,

all that, just so that there is some food for thought
and hopefully useful to you links,
until I return,
sharing the winner of the give away,
which I do by now know
and will share with you in a while!

P.S: just posting this {extra} now... 

elegance might be saving to invest in such a dress
 not indulge in not well thought off buys just in order to buy something...

and then, that only if we could really afford it,
instead of putting ourselves into... debts!
otherwise, there are countless elegant & affordable to most of us choices
; )



  1. Elegance...perhaps also: tiptoeing, a soft touch, a smooth pace?
    x Iris

  2. oh, yes Iris, of course!
    a soft touch & a smooth pace... can imagine of noone elegant rushing in life & being harsh... or appearing over powerful...

    thank you so much for your contribution!
    very, very precious ~ xo

  3. I am intrigued, I often have thought what elegance was in one's life and you find me right with all the point you stated. Elegance in my view of things is something discreet but charismatic, delicate but strong.For example I often associated the meaning of the word with the Camellia flower for some reason. - Barbara

  4. Hi Barbara :)

    love your thoughts & pairs of words ~>
    discrete, yet charismatic
    strong, yet delicate

    As for the Camellia, so nice that you mention it. It belongs to my mother's favotite flowers and we actually had a huge Camellia plant for as long as I can remember me!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts & insight here, really appreciate it much.
    Thank's to this post, which was written quite organically and rather intuitively, more thoughts on what might be an elegant way of life, behaviour & such are crossing my mind, which will perhaps be shared in another similar post soon.

    Have a lovely day!
    Kind regards,