~ cherishing life...

good morning & may a lovely new week lie ahead of us ~
 a creative one
 a peaceful one
 a happy one
  one celebrating life every day
 for no other reason special than 
 that we are alive, healthy & living in countries where there is no war, disease or hunger

I know that some of you are anticipating posts here,
which makes me realise the serious choice I made
in writing a blog,
connected to my life & work

It is trully an amazing feeling knowing that my thoughts, words & feelings are read by you,
accompanied by seeing my pictures.

I start feeling that a writer inside of me is being developed 
you can trust me, this is something I had never been counting on,
neither expecting, wishing , nor dreaming off or whatever else.

a writer emerging out of the interior decorator in me,
my past identity as an English teacher
and the never forgetting experience of completing my studies in psychology
and then setting off to discovering myself,
through a long lasting psychoanalysis.

the sessions might have been completed after almost 8 years
but of course,
the journey to life itself is a never ending, self discovering, experience...

It's a special day in Greece today*
very sad news reached me about distant family members
concerning their heath,
so I' ve decided to keep the scheduled posts starting from tomorrow here,
including announcing the blog celebration + give away's winner.
{... you won't keep any hard feelings about that, will you?}

big religious celebration for mother Mary's birthday

despite the fact that I'm not typically religious in any way,
neither living in Greece momentarily,
I realise that the more I set my roots in Germany,
the more I wish to keep some of the traditions I grew up with

for me such cases are wonderful chances to
get in touch with myself & feelings,
while devoting some extra time to internal peace

I also know that my beloved granny would have loved to see
that this day is still somehow special for me.

So, eventhough I have already since early morning started working on my projets,
I'll temporarily stay away from the on line world

some beloved links to leave you with:

~> we love chocolate souffle  & it is one dessert that might be getting baked
as often as at least once a week around here!
if you wish to make it yourself and then let my know how your like it,
you may read the instructions {here},
as blogged this Spring for Ikea Family Live magazine

~> we have decided to live in grey happiness
and I find so much more in life by sometimes

~> we are preparing & launching Project33,
a part of which will be the new photography label
"JCN Photography",
a cooperation between him & me

~ ~ ~

have the most delightful of Mondays everyone!
 see you here very soon ~

{shots from this morning + yesterday afternoon}


  1. I feel similarly. I never in my life thought of myself as a writer but it's happening and I'm enjoying it and the journey it has me on!
    Your photos are lovely as always!

  2. Your words and photos heal the soul. It's like a good tasting medicine. Thank you for sharing such beauties.

  3. Ivy & Barbara,

    thank you for reading & commenting on this post, really appreciate it :)xo