grey happiness ~

bell bottom jeans + grey linen mini dress + beige knitted wide belt 
+ mini "feminine" jacket with puffy sleeves + {platforms}

composed the outfit mentioned in 

and I promised to share more details 
following the grey mood set by the weather, didn't I ?...

in fact, I was glad to read in your comments that you also love grey
and appreciate its warm, tranquil & cozy qualities...

it's not that I don't like colour,
cause I really do...

just that I like touches & pops of coulour here & there
while caring most of all for an elegant, balanced
appearance & styling whether it's interiors
or a  person I'm styling.

I tend to strongly disagree with the idea that we definetely need colour
to bring interest, energy & vibrance in our homes
and our appearances.

Certainly vibrant colour attracts attention & makes a strong,
captivating first appearance.

Still, I personally find that it tires quickly,
sometimes it even creates tension, too

of course, in terms of home styling and decoration
I cannot imagine of anything nicer than using a few pops of a just a few colours on a white canvas...

can you imagine an old, wooden table in aqua blue tones 
set in a mostly all white dining room of an Agean island?

pure bliss!

or the freshness that is immediately brought by the vibrant green of plants?

speaking of posps of colour on white canvases, you may read more of my tips ,
as posted on the line magazine of Ikea Family live,

as for my grey linen dress you so much liked,
it was successfully combined with my wide,
machine knitted, cotton, beige belt,
which ties in a bow in  the back

it was worn for a very special occassion we attended
yesterday with my {also in grey & jeans}
life partner who btw is so much more taller than I am!

{being on such {platforms}, and you see the difference!
and I'm rather not a short lady measuring almost 1.70cm... }

we spent a fabulous, surprisigly warm evening by the river Rhein,
sitting on blankets on the grass,
watching the stars {yes indeed!}
 socialising with lovely people,
drinking beer, wine or champagne,
eating the most delicious
chocolate & Marzipan home made cake!

all that in Mainz's Winterhafen,
celebrating the marriage to be of my best girlfriend in Germany.

 one whose support, love, care & true friendship
has brought me through many hard times since my relocation in Germany

we met at the Volkhochshule in Mainz,
where we were studying German
were also occasionally visiting cozy cafes, drinking teas, eating pies & cakes
over endless, heartfelt girltalk...

oh good times....

thinking back to all that,
may I share that I'm so incredibly happy to have dared to follow my heart,
and relocated in Germany to start all over a new life 3 years ago?

one I'm beginning to be used to more and more...
one I'm learning to love...

ok... the person pictured above might have just a little tiny bit to do with that...
well, just a very little tiny bit...
; )

may you enter smoothly in your weekends my dears!
will see you around  ~

more love to you
Iro {Ivy}

P.S: on Monday the winner of the {blog celebration & give away} is being announced!


  1. My dear, good morning! Oh, how I wish the day was grey here too (I'm so tired of summer by now). Today is hot and sunny again...

    Anyway, what a lovely post! I totally agree with you with regarding colour - we don't need it to look vibrant or interesting.
    In the last year, I've been drawn to grey, white and black regarding my clothes, and I recently realized that those are my colours, according to the season colour analysis.
    It's a very interesting theory about which colours we should wear to look interesting rather than dull, and I wrote a little about it here (http://busywomanstripycat.blogspot.com/2011/08/season-colour-analysis.html).

    Well, I wish you a wonderful weekend, my dear!

  2. Hello Ivy,

    Most of people think that grey is depressive, associated with rainy days. For me, it's calm and so elegant, with lot of white and a dash of pale, pale, almost white pink it makes miracles.

    Best wishes for your bright and peaceful weekend! :)

  3. I can even write a poem about my love for grey..

    Gray is always okay ;)

    Lovely pictures as always .... x

  4. Desire my dear,
    if anybody can wirte a poem about grey and its use in the most charming of ways, it sure is you ;)xx


    hope you to be spending a wonderul week & that your weekend was as nice. Thank's for sharing your views & the lovely wishes.
    I totally agree with you :)xx


    I also hope for you to be spending a lovely new week, and as I see from your posts, you are doing so! Thank's for your kind comments & sharing of your personal views.
    Always so nice to have you over
    Take care our dear scientist ;) xx