captured moments + smily rain

hello again : )
am coming here with a big smile cause I read the comments on the {previous} post
just a little while ago... thank you so much.

it's everything but a typical thank you...
I feel that you connected with me
to say the truth, I have momentarily not a very reasonable explanation
for the happiness that it brings me...
 still since it does so,
I only wish you to know that it does : )

so this post was originally prepared in order to share with you
{the collage} put together by me yesterday,
combining some of {my favorites pictures} from friends & contacts on flickr.

there seem to be some people to whose work I'm constantly drown,
not only for the visually delightful images,
 but also & mostly
cause of the moments that are captured
 the personalities of the people themselves
as they are expressed through their on line presence...

 there is nothing that attracts me more
than  looking at an image I can loose myself into...

 such images, I tend to believe, are always images
which capture reality as it is,
feelings, moments, passions,
and are not made per se,
or else in purpose,
they are the outcome
of being tuned to our inner selves
and our realities around us.

 from top to bottom & left to right,
enjoy the fabulous work of:

~ Theresa and

when you have some time to spare or maybe nicely invest,
you can take a virtual visit in their photography streams,
portofolios, websites and/or even some of their shops.

All you need to do to access the links is to visit
the {profile} information of each respective person
much like to my own linked here as an exaple


on another notice,
as I took a refreshing evening walk in {Verna Park} a while ago
and just before we had dinner,
 all that came to mind is that
 this rainy season to be approaching
 is going to give me the chance
 to wear my favorite
pair of grey rubber boots, with silver details 
{promise to make a close up picture, they are really brilliant!}
bought during our Christmas trip / vacation in Rome
this past Christmas,
for the only reason that it was raining so heavily
and I had only brought leather boots!

was happy to find them reduced to half the price, too...

so here is me during one of our walks in magical Rome,
posing in front of my favorite object to photograph:

please do not take me wrong
when reading the label of the pictures
"Travelling & fashion stories with Ivy"

I do not consider myself any fashion icon,
it's just that I take a lot of pleasure in dressing myself
and combining my wardrobe's clothes

and usually like to be photographed when in outfits
which were put together easily
& made me feel very comfortable 
in them

am temporarily leaving you with this 
picture which is named:
"Smily rain"
and am actually 
promising & planning to post pictures from {this trip}
as there are tones of beautiful ones,
which were never shared!

hope your Fridays have been really lovely!
will come in a short while, 
posting about a part of our day yesterday
worth of mentioning ~



  1. The bag is so nice! Which brand and model is? Do you remember? Tnx :)

  2. Hello Marilena :) {Jeia you!}

    It's a bag from Marks & Spencer dating back to 2010. I have made a little addition by sewing some woolen & fabric buttons.

    It's super comfy + miraculous regardless its seemingly small size + a perfect way to carry stylishly my camera during the winter :)

    Thank you for your visit!
    Kalo vradi = have a lovely evening!

  3. Wow, the image of that cat is just too cool :)

  4. You are too cute Iro! These pictures do make a rainy day appealing ;) The tape behind you in the pics reminds me of giant size baker's twine which you love so much. Xx. See you later!

  5. Lovely blog post :) And that outfit - how adorable!! Thank you, my friend. xo

  6. Marks and Spencer! Yes! It is a regular place for me too! Would you believe we have two outlets here! Love their quality. Just cannot get over the Mary Poppins shot...LOVE it!

  7. Signe, Holly, Krista, thank you my dears for your lovely comments!

    Holly, what a fantastic comparison! Great idea: a giant size baker's twine :) xo

    Madhu dearest,
    I just love so much that you like this shot, it means a lot to me... it was Christmas day and rainy... and despite being in Rome, which was more than gorgeous, I was just missing home in Greece somehow... and then decided to count all my blessings and just be gratefull & super happy that I had received a fabulous gift from the most wonderful man of my life ~> five days in that city with him.
    I think you must have crossed my mind...

    We soon started photographing around and I begun jumping in front of doors he was shooting {as he knows my passion for them} making funny poses with the umbrella... ended up having a great time!

    Sending you all my love,
    Iro {Ivy}