between the lines ~

 sometimes...  life is all about 
 reading  b e t w e e n  the lines...
hearing our souls... 
following our hearts...
setting ourselves free...

...and of course doing anything in our powers
to have the happiest of Fridays!

Happy Friday to you my dears & do forgive my infrequent posts
these past few days...

it will soon get back at least to the pace it was
 today this is the first of three alltogether posts 
to share with you here.

it's a grey day here... and instead of dreaming of sunny days & colourful places, 
I decided to dive into this reality 
find all it's charm as it is.

... and you know what?
    there is plenty of it...!
 surprisingly there is endless amount of beauty & charm around us
so long as we are willing to pay attention 
open our soul and mind shutters, 
together with our eyes...

 so long as we live in Germany
and until we can afford a summer house for us
 somewhere in Greece or Mallorca perhaps,

we'll live in happiness... even if it is in grey 

here is a glimpse of the third post for today...
till then
colour your days brighter, your own
special, personal way

Love to you all
  Iro {Ivy}


  1. Hi, I really like your blog and the mix of things - so I´m your newest Follower. Looking forward to see more! :-)

    Have a great day!

  2. Grey is warm, is soft, is trust, is comfortable and is not black. So grey can indeed be as good as you see it Iro. Happy Friday!
    x Iris

  3. I love, LOVE that grey dress!! The day is grey too here in southern portugal... and it even rained a little while I was playing tennis this morning (the rain was actually good to refresh myself)... see you later, my dear Iro!

  4. Well it's a rainy and very grey day here, so I also had to look for the good like you! Lovely post xx

  5. just love your photographs. and the dress :)

  6. Love that dress on you!!
    Particularly love that couple shot :-)

  7. Hello I just came over from your etsy shop, your recipie cards made the front page and I ventured over from there...so glad I did because I love your style. Gray is one of my favorite colors and I love dreary days!!!

  8. Beautiful post ! Thank you !

  9. I'm so HAPPY to see your warm response to some of my ever most favotite posts, just like this one.
    You are truly amazing readers, deeply connected to my heart & my mind.
    Thank you so much for being here & by my side :)
    My best of regards to you all, xo