~ nach dem Deutschunterricht...{after the German lesson...}

...nach dem Deutschunterricht, ist es gut in einem schönen Cafe zu sitzen,
einen leckeren Brownie zu essen und einen entkoffeinierten Kaffee mit Sojamilch zu trinken.
Und das Bestes daran  ist das Laptop mitgenommen zu haben,
um meinen Leiblingsblog zu schreiben.
Dieses Mal aber auf Deutsch.

Und es wurde noch besser...
Habe mein flickr Konto besucht
und meine letzte Fotocollage auf seite 8 in Explore gefunden.
Wie schön! Es freut mich so sehr, daß meine Farbmoodboards Euch gefallen.
...after the German lesson, it's so nice to sit in an aesthetically pleasing cafe,
eating a delicious brownie, while drinking a decaffeinated capuccino with soja milk.
What's better, is to have brought your laptop with you, and begin to write a post in your favorite personal blog, this time though in German {or else the language you are striving to learn since you moved to the respective country}

And it can get even better...
logging into your flickr account and finding out that your last colour moodboard collage is in the 8th page of Explore for the day. How wonderful! It really makes me happy to see that you like my colour moodoards.
Thank you!

...now I'll go on in English, as it would be nice that I don't need about half a century into writing this post. Right?
So, how are you? How has your weekend been? I promised yesterday to let you in soon to more aspects of my recent days and so I'll do.

{I must make this parenthesis: why do I have the impression that some people around are staring at me?
I 'm very much afraid that it is the fact that I talk to myself while I write, not to mention other gestures involved....yiap...that must be it! Or perhaps it's my irresistible inner glow...yeah ;) What do you think?}

In the meantime, take a deep dive into the pictures below - after hopefully enjoying the first one - &
 I'll catch up with you right after them, letting you into details...

...here we are...I could be writing for hours describing fragments of my past days, eventhough no particularly special events took place...I mean, I' m not getting married, neither am I carrying a baby, we haven't bought a magnificent house, nor have I won the lottery.
But somehow there is this feeling of fairy dust being springled all around and this makes me love almost every minute of it all.

So, {hello lady!} come back to the point! Picture description!
...from top to bottom:

1 ~ an early Saturday morning in home photoshooting session of the new pretty recipe cards freshly listed in the shop

2 ~ demonstrating to you how writing freindly their back side is, by handwriting the ingredients of the one and only cake I almost always prepare quite successfully: a soufle au chocolat

{ and which I actually made soon after, putting the camera down, wearing my magic...apron and transforming myself into the domestic goddess I am actually...not! It's all a matter of role playing ;)
This having been the 3rd(!) chocolate cake I have been asked by my partner to make in less than a week, I have really being wondering whether men can actually get pregnant nowdays...I mean THREE cakes in the row!...something must be the case...}

3 ~ assembling favorite objects of mine around our little home and making three dimensional colour moodboards, which actually inspired the digital ones of the next day.

4 ~ processing the pictures of incurably sweet Mandy, who visited us at home this Friday and spent a fun day together, after her brilliant thought of us getting to know each other a little better, other than reading each others' blogs

5 ~ packaging a present for a very dear friend, {who has just left on a trip we would all love to go}, adding the final touch by making a mini card using my ever favourite Mallorcian door #11, in a miniature form.

....I think it's about time I spared you from more details and I actually put a full stop in this post, don't you think?...plus it's time I left this cafe and took a walk out in the sun....

Have a super great day and start in the new week!
C u soon in the usual place ;) xxx


  1. A big thumps up for your German. It must be so hard to learn. I am glad that it's my mother tongue.
    Can I ask you what printer & paper you use for your photo prints? They look great. Or do you have them printed professionally?
    Greetings from grey and drizzly Berlin,

  2. Hi Imke,

    danke sehr! {thank's a lot} for all your kind comments about everything :)
    German is indeed a difficult language and unfortunately not my very favorite one. Still I really enjoy my classes and the fact that I'm learning it and using it, which is of course part of this long process of intergration.

    About your inquiries, I'll mail you soon ;)
    Hab einen angenehmen Tag!


  3. Iro,

    this surely is one great post. And I hope we can meet again very soon. although i know it won't hape that soon with you going to greece. but i wish you a fantastic journey and come back even more inspired!

    it was such a great day!
    thanks to you and your partner again!

  4. Aha, das Vorhaben (auf Deutsch zu schreiben) direkt in die Tat umgesetzt:-). Finde ich klasse und es gibt auch sprachlich nichts auszusetzen. Kompliment, Iro.

  5. Thumbs up, Ivy,
    your German is very good. Doesn't seem like it's not your favorite language, where could you be better at?
    Deine Farbcollagen finde ich klasse. Überhaupt gefällt mir dein Blog sehr gut und ich komme bestimmt bald wieder vorbei.

    Ganz liebe Grüße von


  6. Habe ich Euch alle hier für die ganz lieben Kommentaren nicht bedankt? Shame on me! Danke sehr, sehr und hoffentlich kann ich das bald besser schaffen ;)
    Danke Frau Schmitt, meine liebe {anonymous} Lehrerin und Mandy, Dir auch sweetie!

    Einen sehr schönen Freitag!
    Liebe Grüsse, Iro xo :)