...colour my mood in greys & dusty blues ~

Hello there :)
 ...have a lovely day and so nice that you are HERE reading...
...writing a post is like a little adventure to me...
so, after having made certain that you do have your favourite drink in hand ~ I think hot cups of coffees or teas are the best way to escort magazine, book & blog reading, don't you think?  ~
I'll start by taking things from the beginning:

...there came inspiration, which set a mood by seeing the pictures above in Pinterest ~ pinned by wonderfully multi-talented Teressa {aka T does wool}

...a need for calmness is evident in the mood and a thirst for natural materials,
 like wood & porcelain
...or like wood & stones
...or pebbles & cotton,
pretty much like these ones below,
 captured in the picture I made last summer.

I still love it ~ like I do most of my work,
cause it gives me a sense of calm and an impression that something 
very simple but then quite classic is created.

And then I remember of having visited my friend {Nadine},
at her incredibly beautiful and warm {home}
and the feeling I had,
when I walked up the stairs
to reach the living room, while taking pictures
and was confronted by the magnificent way she has incorporated 
two pictures of my personal collection, in her amazingly decorated sofa corner...

{left picture & right picture: my personal archive}

Isn't it a wonderful idea that she used black frames instead of the usual white ones?
...they bind together perfectly with the wooden Ampersand "&" she placed on the left.
It cannot be seen here properly, 
but a visit to view {this} gorgeously styled picture that she took,
will show it all the way...
be prepared for serious eye candy when you click on the link above ;)

Btw, on the left side of the dyptich above, is another picture from my Pinterest inspiration boards, which I adore to bits. It gives me a sense of flow...of relaxation, of creativity which effortlessly unfolds...
and will be going on doing so...just like forever.

 As a background above, one my personal favorite pictures is used, which actually is named
"just like forever". 
It a selectively focused image of an iron fence, found around my current German neighbourhood.
I used it to display a couple of {the shop}'s currently available pictures, which fall into the mood I started talking about at the beginning of the post.

...greys & dusty blues ~
...relaxation, tranquility & calmness ~
...efortless flow with life & unimposed creativity ~

...and then as I was looking at {this} beautiful cabinet, carrying objects I love,
I kept noticing how such pictures as 

...would match so wonderfully in the surrounding of the home where it would be part of...

What do you think?...and what's your mood coloured like today? 

...is your coffee cup still half full or are you about to prepare a second one?

...I'll take a break and drink a hot cup of my favorite decaf coffee, while eating a piece of the chocolate soufle baked {again!} this morning...

...have a great day out there!
...so lovely to have U on board :)

P.S:  danke sehr für die ganz lieben Kommentare über meine Deutschkenntnisse! Es freut mich!


  1. you are such an inspiring mind, dear..you always brighten up my day..thank you and have a sunny tuesday! xoxox

  2. I love your photos.. All of the peaceful...

  3. Ach Iro, du bist so süß! Vielen Dank für deine wunderbaren Worte. Ich freue mich sehr :).

    Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Abend, Nadine

  4. Thea & Nadine my dears {& all}, thank you so much for your kind thoughts.

    Have a lovely Friday! :)

  5. oh i didnt even know you have a blog..been following you on flick!

    I just love love all the photos you take!!

    ur newest follower