~ flow with life...

 ...flow with life...
what is probably the most natural thing to do...
...has become a rarity nowdays...
...we are so often caught in the middle of planning and making our dreams come true,
 that we often forget to simply enjoy life for what it is...
...what it has to offer to us, 
 but also what we have to offer to it.

These past few days there came this feeling again I had so much missed,
of simply flowing with life...
...and being in such a mood I gathered together a couple of pictures to illustrate this:

~ a radiating with sincere happiness Audrey, cycling together with her fury friend
~ pretty & fun giraffes balancing on top of one another,
ensuring to brighten up our days,
~ a written reminder which supports its saying with actions {by flowing itself}
~ happy packages ready to be given to those we want to bring a smile to.

What will you do to brighten up your day today?
How will you deal with the hard parts of life?

...just had a meeting with a beloved friend, a very important for my survival in Germany friend,
as we have been together through many phases...
I think listening to a friend and being listened by a friend is a very simple example of brightening up our days.
There is no need to scream from happiness,
neither do we need to put up any faces,
Just being heard, accepted and loved for who we are
is itself a simple action that makes our hearts smile.
Simply ~
Kindly ~
Honestly ~
Relaxed ~

...reminding that there is no tension in true happiness...
...rather it is felt soft as a cloud, which is there to carry us even through the difficult parts of our days
...cause this is a real world,
and happiness & unhappiness co-exist,
much like everyhing else.

So jump on that bike and go on a ride,
even if there is only little time,
or even if your family scene doens't resemble a fairy tale at the moment

Go out there and be the best you can be,
for your own selves

...and then tell me all about it,
cause I care to know...

Smiles & hugs {well, yes, free hugs are the best I guess ;)}

P.S: ...want to smile some more? Look at {this}!

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