~ silence's beauty

...the beauty
...the secrets
...the truths
...the transformations
...the music
...and birth that take place
all in the arms of silence

{Please visit this link to be directly taken to the amazing photographers whose work is portrayed above}

This is a way of saying that I' m rather tired of speaking, of many words, many interpretations,
much sharing... I don't know where this will lead to, neither do have I plan (I wonder how do I even dare to say that I don't actually have a plan in this goal setting society!)

I know that there has come a time of change,
I'm a little undecided about the online world,
a little uncertain of what I do here after all.
Though I do know for sure that when I read in your comments 
that here you find a place of calm, peace and inspiration,
a smile is brought on my face.

It feels to me that this diary is a way of doing some charity,
but am also quite concerned that I might be simply too preoccupied with ouselves and our lives.

It seems to me that the best things have happended unexpectedly, without having a plan....
...meeting my partner
...relocating in Germany
...being able to enjoy a life in two so different to each other countries ( Greece & Germany)
....beginning to make my hobby a job
...creating a blog
...meeting an incredible ammount of extremely talented people  on line
But I also feel that to go on, I actually do wish for a plan.
A plan and practical applications in life.

We shall see....
so long with thoughts and time spent in front of a screen on what is a marvelous day my dears
...wishing you a lovely Friday and weekend ahead....

Hope you to enjoy every moment ~



  1. Nooo...I hust discover your blog :)

    I completly understand how do you feel and if you have to start with a new plan...be brave and move on...About me...I have to read the past post :P

    Have a fabulous week end
    A smile


    PS: I don't know if they let me post this nor if it's the second one, in this case...delete one of the two :D

  2. Hi Ivy~ having a sparkling white snow morning here in Chicagoland..

    ..I'm enjoying my morning cuppa' hazelnut cafe and reading your beautiful words here. I hope this is not a foreshadow to the closing of your Domestic Stories.. it's one of my first morning stops on my dear blogroll and everytime I visit I am left with a smile.. inspiration.. and good feeling. :) just as when I view your flickr stream as well. If you need to explore and change.. I truly understand. ♥ But.. I just wanted to LYK that you inspire and touch hearts.. your presence here is most loved and appreciated! I hope your Christmas is cozy and delightful there in pretty Germany~
    Hugs Lara

  3. hi ivy
    your blog gives me an instant sense of calm.... just my first visit here. so lovely...

    i agree with your words....some of the best things that happen are unplanned...
    but on the other hand I'm a goal setter, a dream writer and believe in seeing good things in the future....

    so happy to have found your home... i hope you stay. :)

    xxo, kim

  4. hey chica ... those images are absolutly stunning & so peaceful. I love them.

    & as for the online world ... it has it's moments but there are some wonderful individuals out there & so much learning & enjoyment in the words we share.

    have a wonderful weekend. xx

  5. after a stressful day your world calms me and makes me Zen
    thank you ;o)

  6. How incredibly lovely you all are!
    Thank you for your support Dora, Lara, Kim, Laura and Yann. It means a lot!
    I do clearly write for me, but also wish to bring a positive impact is people's lives in one way or another.

    Writing is another means of creative expression to me...so thank you for bringing my writings to life with your care, appreciation and attention.

    ...and the warment of wishes for agreat weekend to all :)