~ growing snowflake Christmas trees... go figure!

Phewww....I really thought I was going to be one more day late to come here writing a post!
My apologies to those of you, however few you might be, in case you waited for a post since yesterday. 
May I ask how are you?...how are these days proceeding?.....gift shopping....present wrapping, home decorations, crafting, baking, holiday preparations.....and so on and so on!

As you may have well understood, my computer screen and I are not spending much time together these days....in a way I miss preparing more posts, coming here sharing inspiration with you and exchanging thoughts and opinions...but then, to be able to inspire, one must be able to create and I really needed some peaceful days with just some crafting involved.

I've been creating various things, some of which are the products of instant inspiration and others the  product of some custom orders and my effort in making what I'm asked for.
Something that seemed a mistake at the beginning, turned out to be a concept I grew to really like:

The Snowflake {Christmas} Trees, seen below:

 which are officially named as

~ Growth
Why growth? Because to my eyes, the trees' branches represent the infinite possibilites we have in our lives, countless occassions to acheive growth in all possible ways.

Growth is available in a 5"x 5" size, but custom orders also are accepted.
For the time being, a few like the one pictured above are available in the shop.
The frame belongs to the Ribba line from Ikea and fits just prefectly with the three dimensional nature of these fluffy, music, snowflake trees. It's something that you'll have to supply yourself from your local Ikea though, as it's not inluded in the listing.

The same concept is also offered in a set of two, one of a kind card & envelope sets, 

which  are wrapped this way:

What do you think ?

 I already got my first order for a douzin of them this morning...this time not exactly from a customer, but still someone I could not say not to...my mother!

So, I've been pucnching out many, many snowflakes from Bach's symphonies and brown, wrapping paper, glueing them one by one patiently...

On another notice, today a couple of suggestions I have written about how to
"Greet your day in a better way" are published over at my favorite Ikea Family Live's blog.
Hop here to read it and be sure to take some  more time in reading Apartment Therapy's Maxwell
super fantastic and practical posts on the 
 Practical psychology and every day living meeting one another. Could it get any better...?

See you soon with more news from the shop and much, much more inspiration!

....Smile today and as often as you can :)

Ivy ~ xx


  1. Ivy! These are beautiful! And I didn't realise you had a new blog - it's beautiful, as is everything you do! am off to look around xx

  2. Very beautiful!♥

  3. Hello my dear Iro... :)
    I have to say I am in love with these gorgeous wee cards, they are simply elegant with a real sense of fun about them... I love the framed one too, it would look so perfectly at home in a wee nursery... :)
    Oh, and thank you for your sweet words about my 'feeling festive' cards... I did have one or two of them left over, one of which just happens to be my favourite... ;)
    Spanner and I send our hugs to you too... !
    Emma, x

  4. Well my dears,

    aren't the fluffy, snowflake trees and I so happy for your lovely comments!

    Belinda dear, this coming form you and your happy & super pretty home, it is such a cimpliment! Thank you so much, hope you are doing just fine :)

    It seems that my online presence is going under construction at the moment, there are things to be figured out, and most of all, how to make the time spent here, worthwhile both for myself and the regular readers, as much as those passing by.

    Miss Emma and darling Spanner,

    thank you, too :) Your festive cards really thrilled me with happiness. And despite my usual monochromatic and minimal palette, I do so appreciate your colourful world and love it dearly!

    hello and thank you for your kind comment :)

    Wishing you all to be spending fantastic pre Holiday days and to have a great weekend!

    Warm regards,
    Iro - Ivy (to cover both my real and online name) ;)

  5. These are absolutely beautiful cards and I ♥ your little framed one.. pretty, eco-friendly, simple, heart-made art!
    Hugs Lara

  6. i love your card,he atmosphere is magical

  7. Lara and Yan thank you so much for your comments!
    These snowflake trees are giving you a wide and bright smile saying thank you!

    ...and so do I :)