~ "Christmas in Paris" give away's winner

Hello dear readers of these pages! Happy Monday and new week, separating us just 12 days from Christmas! These are the elves on behalf of Ivy, who have come to announce the Christmas in Paris give away's winner!
We are so happy to be in this position and promising you that the official author of these pages will be back tomorrow. As for now, she must be somewhere having dinner, after spending a busy day creating and supplying her customers and friends with their orders...

So, drum roll please....it is the holiday season after all and we are aloud to make some noise! ; )
The lucky winner is Cathe (pronounced as Cathy),

Congratualtions Cathe!
May you always be lucky in your life, among of course being healthy, loved, loving and very, very creative!

This is your choice and our cousin elves, working in Anne's atelier over in France, are already preparing your present!

And to all you who have enterred, a big thank you on behalf of Ivy and Anne and wishes for you to have lots of love and luck in your life!

Enjoy your days.....
The elves :)


  1. Congratulations Cathe for winning this french Give Away !

    And thank you so much Ivy for organizing everything so well.

    For those who didn't win, I'm really sorry but I want to thank you for participating and more important I want to tell you that I really enjoyed reading all your messages. It was so great to read every day which pictures were your favorites and why.

    I wish you all Happy Holidays !


  2. Anne, thank you so much for having done this here with me and the....elves ;)
    I also enjoyed so much reading all the comments! There's something about you and your photography that I find completely appealing to me (and it comes as no surprise that I'm not the only one!), so it was a great honour to be hosting you and your beautiful gallery shop here!

    You are always very welcome :)
    Happy Holidays to you, too dear ~ Joyeux Noël :)

  3. ooo i am soooo jealous.... Congrats to you Cathe.

    Dear Ivy, Hope you are well and keeping warm on this cold Tuesday, Sending big hug`s from Wales Natalie :)

  4. Natalie and Kitty,

    so nice of you to congratulate Cathe!
    Natalie dear,
    hugs to you, too and thank you for your lovely surprise. You should be having mail both in your e mail box and your actual one : )

    Ivy ~