~ a life of inspiration ~ yours!

In my previous post today I mentioned that tiredness has reached me in terms of sharing and that I wish for a plan before I go on. What occured to me as most important though, is to actually talk things out after all.....much like a cleansing process.
So, reaching the end of this year, looking back, seeing where I was right and where wrong, what brought me happiness and what misery...has also brought online existence under the spectrum.

So I'd like to share a few thougths on the issue. Why so much thought though?
Why is there a little, temporary blockade?
....because unlike many that begun having an online presence and sharing publicly, I did not have a plan, neither did I really know where I was getting into. Of course, as everything in life, online/public presence is two sided, too.
On the one hand, a vast world of opportunities, beauty, inspiration and all things nice opens before our very eyes and then also an impersonal world, where one cannot really be certain of people's motives, other than rely on some common sense and perhaps a little bit on our gut feelings.

I've been mostly delighted with my online presence and have received lots of warmth, support and praise, without really having done anything to cause it, other than sharing the world through my eyes.
I found out that being able to offer inspiration simply by my thoughts, doings and everyday life adds nicely to my reality. I also thought that this is a world of give and take and since I also receive inspiration via my screen, it would be nice if I could be able to do the same.

Let's face it  though, being only a simple human being, I started growing connections to this online world and presence of mine. In the happiest of cases, connection can be now interpetted as a few, but really wonderful, meaningful and strong friendly relationships.

And then, there is the issue of freely offering inspiration and parts of somebody's self. Does this mean, that since there is no official law attached, that anybody can simply get inspired and build an online presence of their own, based on other people's thoughts, ideas, inspirations to name only but a few?
Taking a little bit from here....a little bit from there...adding a little of our own on top....and there we go, ready we are! "Birth" of something new...

This is the real world and I know that the answer is: Yes, dear Iro (Ivy) this is a free world and a free "market". Based on this very correct truth, getting inspired from others and then making it "yours" is o.k.

Still, as in everything in life, there is a "but". What is the "but" in this case?
That somebody is building with precision and extreme care castles on sand. Because however hard, we try to make something ours, when it is really not, no wrapping, no label will ever make it ours. The only thing that is genuine and trully ours is something that is a true expression of who we are.

Why am I being bothered with all this issue? After all I so often talk about love and positive aspects of life...well, because by emphasising beauty, peace, calmness, love, truth, real emotions and other such things not only like minded people  are attracted, but in a few cases, people who behind their admiration actually hide an envy.

There is a Greek proverb that says: "Lots have hated money but nobody has ever hated glory". Around the net there can be found many who simply thirst for attention and will go all the way for it. Let your imagination go wild....

Ok, and now stop pointing the arrows to me, saying: "and what about you misses?...you think that you are anybody better?....No, I don't. Actually, I'm recently very concerned, that I might be simply part of all this game. 

And here comes the point I believe that this situation is a chance to learn, to be strong and have at the same time a big heart but also a firm, decisive mind. To be able to balance between sensitivity and strength, while keeping in touch with reality. And knowing where I'll be devoting precious time to support others and where not. Sometimes saying a "no" is an act of love towards ourselves and quite possibly others.
So, to whomever wishes to be inspired by whatever is offered through my presence and "add" a little hat of his/her own baptising it as his/her idea, I'll say that you aren't playing fair and that's not nice.
And if you wish to play "dirty", you may as well do so.  I'm simply staying out, cause I'm neither interested, neither do I have the time for such games.

So, I've not decided to go away, but I wish for a solution to be found. Because such incidents might reoccur and it would be a loss of time to go over the same thought process again.
All I need is a clear mind and light heart to go on unfolding the chapters here...just being more aware....still having the best of intentions.

Thank you for sharing some of your time here with me. It's mostly appreciated :)
All the very best,



  1. am glad we get to keep you a while longer chica ... have a wonderful weekend. xx

  2. Be strong, be true to yourself and be positive about yourself... something that I believe you do very well miss Iro... :)

    Emma, x

  3. hi Ivy,
    A friend of mine linked me over to your beautiful blog. Looking through it I started reading this post. I was intrigued and could feel your questioning. About sharing, I think each one of us has come on earth with gifts, knowhows, personality and understandings. It was given to us, it is who we are in it's essence and we are here to transmit it openly, generously in it mouvment, in it's life. No matter were it goes and what others choose to do with, it is not meant to be kept. We are transmitters of our gifts for the good of the whole. Our gifted essence is a living energy that needs to stay in mouvment if not it looses it life. We do not possess, we were chosen to be the carriers of our gifts and transmit them onwards. Have a great day.

  4. First of all a very happy New Year to you all and a happy new month since it's the 1rst of February today.

    Dear Emma, Theresa and Laura, thank you for your comments and encouragement :)All the best of wishes to you!

    Dear Anna Stephanie,

    your comment reasonates both with mind and soul. Whoever your friend is, please do thank her on my behalf. Your words are touching me deeply. Thank you also for taking the time to read and write your comment here. I cherish all you said and especially this: "We are transmitters of our gifts for the good of the whole" Have a great day yourself. Thank's :) Iro {Ivy}

  5. sono passata qui e ti volevo dire mi piace lili