~ the Master Plan ;)

...hi my dears, I hope that the last post was not that much of a burden within this festive season....I thought I should have perhaps kept it for later, or not having mentioned it at all.

These lines though are devoted to living a life of awareness and this might involve unhappy moments as well. My happiness rose the moment I realised that I am grown enough to bare both happiness and unhappiness. A sense of calm came the moment I knew that too much thoughts were just a protective mechanism, that simply kept me from moving on.

I thought over and over again about the case of imitation, because I actually wanted to avoid feeling hurt...betrayed...used. I was thinking in order not to feel. Cause this is exactly how I felt. I held myself responsible for not being aware and wise enough to understand.
And then I felt dissappointed, because after all, I do know exactly why I am here.

I'm here because the time came in my life to share.
I'm here cause I'm in peace with who I am, 
even when I'm going through hard times.
I don't expect that life will only be kind to me.
But recently, I'm accepting all kinds of blessings in my life mainly for two reasons.
Firstly, cause I know that there lies undescribeble amount of work behind from my part in many levels, for many years. The cognitive, the emotional, the practical, the philosophical levels.
Secondly because by learning to live in the present,
all aspects of life suddenly become magical, sufficient, enough.

How about the reasons I'm not here....
I'm not here to be measured,
to be compared,
to be categorised,
to be antagonised,
to be analysed,
and I'm not here to do anything big either

This is just

 a life's journey,
a journey in creativity,

a journey in learning,
a journey in knowledge,
a journey in love,
a journey through realitiy,
through light and through darkness

A journey through every day life
and the beauty that can be found even in the simplest of things.
This is not about dreaming a nice life.
This is about living a nice life.

Through hard times
and through easy times

Through happiness & joy

Through sadness, too....
still doing all humanly possible to attract the best of luck in life

....by simply doing all the things I love the most....
falling in love every second of each process

...this is how I've found that time stops
...and know that when I miss the days
...when I miss the hours
...then somehow I forgot to do the things I love
somehow I forgot the bliss of life
...somehow I let myself be drawn to darkness

Now, let's get into present mode and time...

The "Love & Joy" garland above is a custom order for a friend, who decided to offer as gift a happy row of  paper boats to her daugther, after seeing these ones.

Pink was what I was asked to make and I found a fairly big page at an old Zara catalogue made from beautiful, thick, recycled paper.

Lucky me, it was off white in the back and turned out the perfect choice.
A little bit difficult to fold such a thick paper, but the outcome was rewarding.
I tied the boats together with baker's twine in minty green.
And then I wrote important words-wishes in silver ink on each paper boat.

Liebe = Love
Freude = Joy
 Kreativität = Creativity
Glück = Luck
and a few others not protrayed in the pictures.

I always like to combine decoration with a little bit of meaning to go with it.
It is packed using vintage music sheets and a few left overs from the same pink page.

I hope that they'll both like it.....and I think it 's about time this post was brought to an end....and I just realised I haven't direclty conneted to the title!

What is the Master Plan after all?

Well, nothing more and nothing less than simply Sharing from the Heart.

Silly me, it was right here, under my nose, all the time....I knew it...but perhaps I had not really felt it or realised it. To know with the mind is one thing. To know with the whole existense is another.

The  Master Plan is to love.

Hope you've have wonderful weekends.....I had a really nice one, very peaceful while being busy, as I created presents and prepared a couple of custom orders for hours and hours...the last ones for this year....but every one of them (hours spent & creations) was a bliss.
Tomorrow is Post day...a 20' walk through an extreme amount of snow and then back....I'm afraid some of my presents will be arriving with a small delay, but I'm ok with that.
There is all the love that I could put inside in every one of them, so I'm sure that time plays a secondary role.
The Etsy shop's last orders are already since a week on their way and the custom orders are being picked up. But before that, tomorrow morning I'll photograph some of the packages to share here.

....happily & warmly me....here :)


  1. Ivy...this is a beautiful,inspirational post...
    I wish you a wonderful holiday season...x

  2. I want to thank you for writing such a candid and emotional post, it touched me deeply that you were able and willing to share so much of yourself and your inner struggles with others. I too mull over the many big questions that living a life of awareness throws our way, trying to make sense of it all, sometimes feeling hopeful and at peace, other times feeling a little lost and confused. I am grateful to you for having taken the time to express what I am sure a great deal of us want to say but perhaps cannot find the words for.

  3. Great post! Wish you a Merry Christmas.
    Love, Peace and Joy...

  4. A wonderful post my dear miss Iro... truthful and inspiring... :)

    We wish you the most wonderful and peaceful holiday with huge hugs from us... :)

    Emma & Spanner, x

  5. Awe inspiring your works!!


    Saga, Japan.