Aujourd'hui j'aime: simplicity with a touch of elegant romance ~

hello there :)
 have a great new week!
   how have your weekends been?
   I had some time to get inspired,
  while enjoying a connection that
  runs smoothly
  not needing a really long time to
  load anything involving pictures...
 ...oh hallelujah to that!

 so, thought it would be nice to bring some of these
 pretty pictures to share with you, yes? :)
 and it does seem like
 such a long time since the last "aujourd' hui j' aime" post here, doesn't it?

It seems to be all about the calmness of whites,
some powder pinks,
bluish greys, light blues,
a touch of elegant & modern romance...

... to create a unified mood,
 I often like to combine pictures together.
It feels as if they compliment each other so beautifully,
making a stronger statement about
the style they each carry.

Have a look and join in at the end sharing your thoughts...
Is there a favorite picture or diptych of yours?

Can you also imagine the women portrayed {or partly portrayed anyway} living in such interior environments, tasting sweets like the one below?

I would rather not define myself as a romantic person,
 but there are certainly some qualities in romance, 
 which paired with elegance
 strike a chord familiar and dear to me.

I mostly love finding touches of pastels in modern spaces,
much like the pretty geometrical drawing in the right image,
or that kitchen towel which completely "steals the performance"
in the picture on the left.

... and however a little heavy for my taste this mirror might be,
I can't help but admiring how light and spontaneous it looks painted all white...
and then this wooden horse keeping company to these old books...
kind of makes "modern" life feel less harsh & demanding, doesn't it?

... like saying that it is all right to keep a part of the child inside us alive,
compensating for an adult life that so often
can be a hard thing to pull off...

Any thoughts on that?

... just before I say a temporary good bye
remember to pass by here tomorrow,
cause there is a little surprise you & your girlfriends will like a lot!
yes, indeed if I may say :*)

As for pictures of the renovation progress here 
they' ll be shared too,  in time.

Stay tuned & do come and say hello...
 don't want to feel all quiet and lonely here ; )


collage & diptych creation: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos
collage picture credit clockwise from top left: 1. 2. 3. 4.


  1. Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to balance a chaotic, and stressful day life. Coming home to a serene styling is the best treat then.

    1. Good morning Igor, thank you for passing by :) Yes indeed, a serene domestic environment seems to help in relaxing from stressful parts of everyday life. Glad am not the only one who sees it this way ;)

  2. hello hello. miss you. this is a lovely post. lets stay kids forever!

    1. Hello, hello to you too dear friend in mother country!Thank you for stopping by. Big smile to you :*) I'm afraid I can't stay a child forever, as life points direction growing up fast lately... lots to take care, achieve & change. Seems that it is taking me forever to break some ties, keeping me from living a more balanced & fulfilled adult life. I promise you though, that the child inside me in the essence of a creativity & a mostly soft, loving heart will stay alive.
      Miss you too! Oh how I wish you could suddenly knock on my door here and come in for a coffee and talks... sending love for now, xo.

  3. Ooooh! You've got me excited for tomorrow's treat ;) I love the first diptych. Those little green buds are speaking to me.


    1. Hi there Holly lovely friend :) I also love the first diptych... "killing" simplicity & charm. Happy you are excited about today's surprise. Return in the afternoon when I'll be here again posting to find out ;) tight hugs + wishes for a lovely day, xo

  4. Oh Ivy, what an amazing collection of images! I really love the mood, they create and the special aspects every single one of them brings into the whole. It's a truely elegant romantic or is it a romatic elegance and that's totally my style, too ~ what else ;)~ not too romantic but a small dash of it here and a lovely splash of it there - just perfect!
    Warmest hug and have a lovely week, my dear.

    1. Lysann! " elegant romantic or a romatic elegance " that's exactly what came through my mind when writing the post, but decided to keep it simpler in terms of writing too many words... you & I certainly are in the same wave length. Are we by any chance living anywhere close? how nice it would be to brainstorm and style a little shooting together once... have a great day & rest of the week :*) xx

  5. Dear Ivy,
    I love the pictures of your post today! They calm me down after a busy day!
    Hopefully we`ll never loose the child within ourselves!!!

    1. Hello dear Kiki, really glad you enjoyed this post and it contributed in calming you down after a busy day.Wishing you a nice & as calm as possible day at work today. And yes to managing to keep at least a part of the child inside of us alive ;)

  6. I would buy the shirt directly. It's amazing.


    1. I know Ellen, just wonderful isn't it? The price puts my away a bit though. Have compensated my wish for a powder pink top with this one:


      Thank you for stopping by. Good luck with your blogging adventures!
      Liebe Grüsse, Iro

  7. I am soaking up every bit of loveliness in all these shots! So good to have you back,Ivy! XXX

    1. ... so good to reach you all the way to Kuala Lumpur my ever dearest friend! xoxo :*)

  8. Your blog is absolutely beautiful! Love the styling and simplicity. Thank you for the inspiration! :)

  9. yes, white and neutrals are serene and will help on bringing some peaceful moments to you and your partner, as well as all the friendly visitors! i always need some neutrals to overcome the fact that this house is quite small for three. along with some sunshine coming in, it feels brighter, bigger and above all, it feels home and very cozy! :) beautiful inspirations for the day! take care! **