~ Happy Weekend!

Good morning Saturday ~
Good morning  friends ~
Good morning life ~

How wonderful would it be to begin our days taking our breakfast in such a wonderful setting as the one above? A breakfast in Paris....the city of light...

....or you may choose whichever other place you wish to be at.

This post is about dreaming, wishing and reality.

Most of us are quite simple people, living ordinary lives, striving for everyday and very often compensating ourselves by dreaming of places, spaces, people, situations far away from us and our realities.

It's not that someone should not dream, as it is such a nice and relaxing thing to do.
Neither that dreams cannot become true.
Off course they can.
Still there needs to be a condition fullfilled prior to beginning making them true.
Which one? 

Accepting our realities.

Taking one step at a time, day by day, examining how our lives are, which parts of it we wish to keep and which parts we wish to silghtly change, totally change or complete discharge from our lives.

And then take a deep breath and begin. Knowing that there will not be only happy moments through the way, that there'll come some discomfort as well, but also having faith that for every difficulty there's at least one reward waiting for us on our ways.

Changing must be one of the most difficult things ever I suspect and can also verify it personally.
Still, the feeling of freshness and hope, the energy that comes along with it are incomparable.

We people are not only strong but also weak, and sometimes try to steal from life a little bit.
How?....by ignoring, by being arrogant, by regarding ourselves more than we actually are, by being preoccupied with what others do, not because we are bad or anything, but simply just too weak to face ourselves and our realities.

and here comes the magic world of Internet. What a delightful world of beauty!
Magnificent pictures here and there, gorgeous spaces all over!

And we look at them, and we bookmark them....and we pin them, like I myself just started to do just  a couple of days ago.

How easy is it to get lost in this non pragmatic beauty?
and forget about all the things that we wish to change?

Quite easy I might say.
It's so easy to identify ourselves with something that is not ours, just because we like it, pinned it, or
  - the current trend - blog about it.

Now why am I bothering you with all these morning philosophies and not be pulling the plug, going on to take care of our living space, slowly beginning with Christmas decorations & crafting?

Well, I'm about to do so actually, but before I  wished to share here with you and my online diary thoughts that I believe might not be only mine, thoughts and considerations that might be crossing your minds as well.

So, if you wish to follow my imaginative trip in styling, interiors, photography and everything I find inspirational you may follow the boards I curate in Pinterest.
Right here
From time to time I'll be sharing here some of my very favorites.
But before I start sharing with you awesomenss found in the web,
I'll share with you the recent renovation & redecoration project I undertook, the main reason I recently flew to Greece.

While I'll be presenting this project, I'll also be explaining to you what it is exactly that I do when I cooperate with someone as a decorator, having also studied psychology and how I can help you change your every day realities into something better, without you needing to.....win the lottery!

You may expect this presentation in a few parts starting next week.
Please keep in mind that you'll see a lot of unstyled and not fabulous pictures, especially at the beginning, as I wish you to watch the process and not only the outcome.

So to give you a hint:
We love grey!

I'm wishing you all a wonderful weekend, doing things you love, finding out what you might possibly not like and then taking a little step into changing that.
I'll be around, on and off line, doing exactly the same things I advise you to do.
Till next time,

Much love to you all,

Ivy ~ xx


  1. Dear Iro!
    You are speaking right from my heart again! Sometimes I get lost in the internet inspiration and forget about all the beautiful things around me: the things I am crafting, cooking, baking, reading, decoration. And it is wonderful to step back and drown in crafty activities, then rest for a while reading, drinking tea, daydreaming and then get busy again.
    And sometimes I think: How can so many people out there blog so much and share so much who are not doing it for a living. Where do they get the time for that. If I do it too much, I neglect my family life, my house or/and my soul. That is why I wrote I sometimes get tired and go away from blogging.
    What a pleasure to read you this morning. Now I will bake a cake, clean up my room a bit and make garlands with the children!
    Take care!
    PS: AND I love Grey, too! I am knitting a grey hot water bottle cozy for my friend right now!

  2. Hi Ivy, Your blog is gorgeous! I am a new follower, Have a sweet day!

  3. Dear Yvonne,

    so lovely to be reading your thoughts! Thank you so much for coming over and taking the time to write them. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that there are like minded people around us.
    I' ve loved your home, the way you approach interior design, decoration, life itself since the very beginning of our virtual meeting in flickr. How wonderful that we also live not so far away from each other nad that we agree on such issues as the ones discussed in this post.

    Wishing you a lovely week! Take care, too.
    P,S: the grey hot water bottle cozy sounds so great!

  4. Hi Torie :)

    what a huge honour that you became a follower of those pages! Thank you very much for that and for hosting me over at your wonderfully stylish pages twice.

    Have a lovely day yourself!