~ about cards & books

Hello there lovely people, it's already Tuesday evening in this part of the world! I certainly hope that you 've spent a fabulous weekend. And of course that you had a nice beginning in the new week.

For those of you that are following this diary, I know that you are expecting the "Grey room project" as I have promised. Have forgotten not. Not at all. It shall take place in a different time frame, though.  It requires quite a lot of work to present it the way I wish to and as Christmas season is here, I'm already busy with card making. I wouldn't like to miss the joy of preparing it with ease and peace of mind and at the moment, stocking up the Etsy shop is a priority.
Therefore I'm not much around online. Crafting sessions for me don't go together with being... "everywhere", rather they are moments where I totally sink in.

So, today I had a long, long card making session and then a photoshooting session ( from which the picture above) only to be dissappointed with quite a few of the pictures.
I'm still learning the ways of the new camera and I'm often goofying around!
So here we go again tomorrow, new efforts!

On another point, have you noticed something new around here?
( Other than the fact that I'm attempting to add new "stand alone" pages on the top) 
Perhaps you have noticed, perhaps not...that there appears a new addition on the left of these lines and towards the end as you scroll down.

It's my newly set up Amazon shop "Shop with Ivy Style 33".
Despite it being hardly at all profit promising, as the only revenue is a 4% of  the sales,  I find it to be a nice way of making suggestions to you about things I love.

So far, there is one section and it couldn't be anything else than of course books about decoration, interior design and crafting!
Some of the books standing on the shelves of this online shop are not only my favorites, but they also live with us at our home. Countless beautiful hours have been spent in their company, reading and studying them, looking at their gorgeous images, getting inspired...developing a style that is influenced by many of those pages, still having the distinct touch that you can see in the spaces created by me.
Some others belong to my wish list. 

Lets' have a look...this is one of my ever favorites - I guess this comes as no surprise as my soft point for white is easily detectable...

this is among the first ones I purchased many, many years ago (mine has a different cover)

and this is one of the many on my wish list:

It looks quite promissing and in the case of decoration & interior design, quite often a book can judged by its cover....look at this one! I so adore open plan spaces!
I think I adore anything that has to do with openess!
Openess of spaces...
Openess of minds...
Openess of hearts...mostly...the ultimate life changer!

Do you already have some of them on your shelves? 

If yes, which ones? Do you still love holding a book in your hands and spending lovely tet-a-tet hours with them, despite the fact that there can be so incredibly much wonderful inspiration and images found on line, which is also for free?

Let me know what you think....I'd love to hear your opinions!
I'll be leaving you and these online pages of my diary for now and be back quite soon.

All the best of wishes,

Ivy  ~ xx


  1. beautiful cards Ivy...I adore your work dear~

  2. Hi my dear Theresa...so nice to find you online...I'm in the process of reading and replying to comments...and so lovely of you to have come over and writeen a few kind words about Meike and her gorgeous work, too.

    Thank you very much for your support. It is deeply appreciated and I'm just so glad that YOU like my work!

    Take care ~ xoxo

  3. Hi my dear! Wonderful choice of books! Love them all. There are days when I, like you, want my whole home white and....then there are days when I want the joy of colours....so I have settled for a white canvas with a dash of colours here and there......for now.....who knows what I will fall in love with in the next few months :-) Love to you XX

    Wish I have more time to read all that you write..feel like I am missing out when I don't.

  4. Madhu, my dear friend, hello!

    It has given me such a happy feeling to see you coming on my pages,thank you so much! I guess you must be also busy like a Queen Baking Bee those days.I'll certainly catch up with what is soon.
    As for your home, it is a great example of how a white canvas can make the best out of colour splashes here and there. Like you have done with your turquoise blues and strawberry reds. A home with a cozy, lovely feeling, just like it's owener ;)

    Much love to you! :)