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Hi there!...wishing you all a happy Wednesday!....I know that we are all quite busy these days, so if you don't have time to spend online and particularly to read these pages, I 'll understand and  not keep any hard feelings on you... ;-)
...just kidding around a little!

I'm really busy like a bee these days and eventhough there are so many things I'd like to share here, there's not the time. Soon my days will be having more time for blogging and then we'll be keeping each other good company. I love it when it happens :)

So, for today I'll forward you to the fabulous world of Ikea Family Live, where  among other fantastic and inspiring posts, you can also read mine, about how to create  Lovely labels for jars in six steps, which went on air just a little while ago.

It's always such a pleasure and honour to be preaparing something for the company that I personally love so much! Great to be there on your pages again today lovely people of the Ikea Family Live team!

Thank you  & a big smile for you : )

Now since this post must be coming to an end soon but I would indeed love to stay longer, how about sharing another link with you to visit?

You do know that besides Ikea, I also love Etsy and supporting handmade, therefore I'm an Etsy seller myself . And as I adore anything stylish and combining things together, making  treasuries (you can see the ones curated by me here) is a way of suggesting to you things I love, while combining them together.

So, would you like to have a look at the last one I curated this Monday?
Here it is! By clicking on "here" you'll be taken there to see it live, so as to enjoy the products one by one and be linked to each one of the sellers. 
It was also featured on Etsy's Front page yesterday evening and it was really an exciting feeling! 
It was the first time I was featured there as a curator and the seventh time alltogether of having been there since the shop reopened this middle summer. I hope for many more to come!

I love all the items so much!
And I do have a soft spot for one...can you guess?
~ Her shop has been feartured here as part of the Chosen three series 
~ It's also one of your ever favorite reads
~ Thanks to the gorgeous treasuries she is creating, my shop has seen the Front page three times as a participant,
~  and I just can't help returning to her shop all the time both for window and actual shopping
Have you guessed right?...whatever the answer is, just remember to:

Have a wonderful afternoon! Till next time,

Love always,

Ivy ~ xx


  1. Gorgeous treasury!
    I usually see your wonderful photos in flickr , its my first time in your blog, I love your photography style.

  2. Hello and welcome here :)
    Thank you for your mostly kind comments. I'm really happy you feel this way!