~ looking for the golden balance

It's Friday...and may it be a lovely Friday for us all!...it has found me in a rather quiet mood, 
 beginning the day with thoughts such as how can we find the golden balance between being part of this commercial and competitive societies,
still having a rather eastern approach in our everyday lives.

In this little morning quest
I ended up playing with gravity and balancing kitchen porcelain stuff, placing them on top of another.
It might have not saved the world, but it brought my rushing mind thoughts in ease.

So here is a smile for that :)

Speaking about easing our minds, how totally soul soothing is this?

A collage (all links to the photogrpahers can be found here) I created yesterday morning while strolling into this magical photography world of flickr!
All inspiration credits go to wonderful Miss Vivi, a female Labrador that has been stealing my heart since months. With her incredible deep concentration and focusing abilities, she has definetely brought a huge smile on my face and has acted as a day's reminder for taking a little time to stop and think about balance in my life.

I do am aware that I'm on the right track since quite some time now, still there are times it feels that I've lost the way. When we've seen the light at least once though, then we know that it exists and sooner or later we'll back on the path we've chosen, fullfilling our lives unique potentials
being the best people we can be, first for ourselves and then for others.
Finding peace inside and joy in our every day realities.

Now how about a little more of photography inspiration?

The fabulous little girl on the bottom left of the mosaic is Doreen's daugther, 
a photographer I admire so much words cannot describe.
A person with tremendous potential and a bright carrier in film industry, 
should she had only wished for that.
But I recon she prefers to live a quiter life.
So that she can enjoy unique moments with her family, sometimes capturing them, 
through the lens of her camera, but moslty with her heart and splendid mind.
Much like she did with this

Now let's leave gently this magic world and return smoothly to realitly, 
as I need to inform you for a couple of things.

While I was away, there was a wonderful post I took part in,
playing the role of a muse for just a little while,
talking about Love as an expression of art, 
over at Mortal Muses blog, invited by Tammy Lee Brandley.

As internet Gods were not cooperating at all at that given point and mail pigeons were possibly on a strike, it took us a while to finally contact the lucky winner of the give away that also took place.

Finally, Holly from soupatraveler can happily be expecting her Cupcake Love print to arrive to her, 
giving her kitchen wall a note she is very much looking forward to!

Since I'm summing up a few online issues here today, let me also thank Torie from wonderful 
Torie Jane blog for the mention of my beloved Mrs Deer 

in her mostly beautiful Neutral deer mosaic

Wishing  you to be having a marvelous Friday, 
whether you already have the balance you wish for in your  lives,
whether you are working on it,
or even if you just have realised that:

"Hey!....where am I heading to?...I' ve completely no clue were I started from, 
where I'm going to and what is my quest in life"

In the last case, just a little, tiny bit of advice:
hurry not to get yourselves out of this indeed unpleasant situation,
as it is through the passage of time and deep sincerity with ourselves,
 that we'll reach there where we eventually wish for.
Also remember, the only destination is the trip itself.
So make it a worthy one.
Every step is useful and there's no such thing as:
"when I have more I'll be happier"
"when I earn more, I' ll be giving to charity"
"when I'm better looking, I'll be loved"


..and as Christmas and a new year are on the way, besides exercising our consuming habits,
we might as well do a little soul searching.

Love you all!
Till next time,

Ivy ~ xx


  1. Dear Iro, your Friday post is just lovely! so inspirational, really eased my mind :) hugs,Maria

  2. Hi Maria :)

    That is wonderful to know! Thank you for passing by and leaving your nice comment. Have a great weekend!

  3. I get a bit lost sometimes with all the words between the beautiful pictures... Sometimes I think my English skills are not working at all .. maybe because it is Friday night.

    I am sitting here with a big glass of earl grey (my favorite)and a handful of pepernoten you might want to google that word :) ... thinking of some wise words to say.. but I do not find any so I just wish you a happy weekend dear Iro x

  4. ...wise words are not always needed...sometimes the best thing is simply speaking from the heart...just that you let me know how you are and that you've enjoyed this post is the best present ever!

    As for your English and your way of writing, they are both just wonderful, therefore I so enjoy reading your posts, while also be getting lost in the gorgeous images, most of which are your own. I so admire that!

    Happy weekend to you too my dear Desire, thank you for passing by ~ xoxo

    P.S: have fun ;)

  5. Dear Iro!
    I just discovered Doreen via Pinerest and I am blown away! Her pictures are so intense and I love her style!
    pauline watched me over the shoulder and said: Please, can you take pictures of me like this one day?" How I wish I could!!!

    And about the light: I think I can relate to what you mean and I am feeling the same. I saw it and know it cane come and stay and fade away at times. But because I could experience it several times I believe in it coming around again and I am ready when it arrives!

  6. Beautiful images...all so calm and inviting! Thank you for sharing them with us. And...congratulations on your mention on Torie's blog. ♥