Chosen three ~ Cottage Light Studio

Sigh....life by a lake in an beautiful home...
family life....
calm rythms....
does it sound like a dream to many or some of you?

Well, for the lady behind this fresh and also freshly opened Etsy shop
this is an everyday reality.
No wonder she's inspired in making such gorgeous pictures!

Cindy is a super elegant and beautiful lady, who loves photography and has become
quite interested in it since some time.
She is inspired by her family, friends and talent shared on flickr,
where we also met.
She loves taking pictures but also studying them or imagining her next photographic challenge.

She like images that reveal the art in people, places, or things,
but most of all she loves a photo that begins a story...

I couldn't agree more with her!
Her photography is descriptive, narrative and strongly emotion provoking.

With a soft spot for nature and scenes of her everyday life by the lake,
her pictures are an oasis of beautiful colours & light!

You 'll find a lot of the pictures presented here both in print form and attached to cards.
Lovely ideas for your home decoration,
presents for yourself  or the ones you love.
Come, take a look....
or even better....hop just here to look closer and more detailed
at what is available on the shelves of her pretty Etsy shop for you to take home.

Have you decided yet?
...one of my ever favorite pictures is this flower shot...
I love it since the very first time I saw it uploaded on flickr....and I still do!

...and this is a sight I always like to carry with me,
especially when I wish to relax and ease my mind's rushing thoughts.
Perhaps one day I'll be sitting there,
enjoying a wonderful talk with her,
a walk by the lake,
as we have been liking much our contact through flickr

This seems like a nice way to end this post...
and the series of the Chosen Three for this week,
...wishing you to find some time for yourself,
to relax, sit back and enjoy whatever it is you love the most,
from family's company, to reading, to simply doing nothing for a short while, 
just to recharge your batteries, 
in order to be more prepared for this wonderful ....play called life!

Take care and see you here again quite  quite soon.

Ivy ~ xx

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