~ Chosen three: Thea's eyes

Good evening on this Wednesday my dear friends. As unusual as it might be to be actually writing a post at this hour, it so felt right for today.  As previously mentioned, this blog here is an online journal where I record pieces of my life as they occur or at least as I prefer to share them.

This week after a long time, I'm sharing again presentations of favorite Etsy shops.  The Chosen Three series...shops that belong to people with whom we share an online friendship, or shops I've personally experienced as a buyer. Yesterday it was, the imaginative illustrator behind Cup of snowflakes, my sweet Italian friend Irene. You may read the post here.

Today you are invited to see the world through the eyes of a mostly attractive, stylish, beautiful, talented, dynamic and at the same time romantic and so very sensitive woman, a graphic & web designer and self taught(!) photographer.

Thea, as is the name she uses in her online gallery, which at the moment is flickr.
Come along with me and see the world through her eyes...
you'll be fancinated....
as it really is a soul experience


Care for a hot cup of tea while strolling thourgh her magical world?
Below is one of my favorite pictures, found in her freshly opened shop, 
which she hardly has any time to run,
within her busy working hours in her mostly stylish office.

Portayed below are all she loves:
~ her son
~ her cat
~ heavely light
~ a meaningful life
all as seen through her gorgeous, blue, wide open to life eyes.

This is a collection of her favorite still photographs, 
ones I'm looking forward to seeing listed in her shop, 
cause they are definetely impeccably beautiful and god knows I adore white!

And here is something we share in common 
~ a love for turquoise
...among so many other things we have in common
...from very similar taste in interior design
...to fashion
...to views on life, human relationships
....people themselves

.....and a love for tiny, cute cars, like this little heart stealer,
which you can find also smiling at you on the shelves of her shop.

Isn't this a lovely way to say goodbye to you until the next post, 
bringing you the third of this week's chosen three shops?

I certainly hope so.
Until then, visit Thea's online gallery here, orienting yourself by choosing sets
and decide which items of her shop to bring home...
a decision that is hard, as I'm in the same process.

Finally, if you are in a shopping mood,
 here are some more suggestions following the same colour mood,
an Etsy treasury I curated this past Sunday.
you'll find the direct links to the respective shops right here.

From Thea and me, wishes to be seeing the world through the most wonderful of eyes,
these undoubtfully being the eyes of Love.

See you here tomorrow dear all,
Take care,
Ivy ~ xx


  1. beautiful ...meike will be pleased...her work is lovely..and your post is beautiful Ivy~

  2. she is pleased...more than she is able to express here...love you, girl. thank you! <3 <3